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US Courts Counter to COURTS OF RECORD, proceeding under the common law.

Anti-Government Movement Guidebook (207 Pages) This guide was developed under a grant. Award No. SJI-96-02B-B-159, “The Rise of Common Law Courts in the United States: An Examination of the Movement, The Potential Impact on the Judiciary, and How the States … Continue reading

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Legal Notice Tools, Common Law, Email Magic

Legal Notice Tools, Common Law: Email is one of the best ways to have evidence of notice. So you want to provide a jury evidence of not only when, where, and to whom, you sent a legal “NOTICE”, but most … Continue reading

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Arraignment, how to challenge claim in common law.

Who is the man making a claim against me? <p>I wish to meet with this man to do my best to make it right with them.

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Common Law Grand Jury

8/19/2014 6:30pm. Progress By National Liberty Alliance: On Thursday morning (8/14/14), the Common Law Grand Jury in Dixie County, Florida with 25 people plus 3 alternates, approached the County Court House requesting entry and space to perform their lawful duties, … Continue reading

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Common Law and the US Court Relationship

Common law is unwritten law, just try and get a judge to take judicial notice of unwritten law, they do not act as an unwritten law court, they act as written law court, and court opinions on those written laws, … Continue reading

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Common Law Lien, Stops US Court Theft

Lien your own property so that if a US court tries to take it or sell it for any reason the bid must start at the lien amount. You can add 100s of thousand of liens to any property, for … Continue reading

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Property tax Demand v. Common Law

Every Grant Deed asks that the county to send a tax bill, so there is a hint of a debt, but since there is no real money the real property supposedly subject to taxation or a purchase money loan must … Continue reading

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Common Law, How to Implement this Court of Record.

“Custom and usage since time immemorial” is generally what is behind the definition of common law. There is no singular source of the common law as one would expect with statutes made by a legislature. Having said that, consider also … Continue reading

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Corporations, Agents, Can not practice BAR/LAW without license.

Corporations, Agents, Can not practice without license.   Unger v. Landlords’ Management Corp., 168 A. 229 (N.J. Ct. of Ch. 1933 New Jersey Court of Chancery Filed: October 5th, 1933 Precedential Status: Precedential Citations: 168 A. 229, 114 N.J. Eq. 68 Docket Number: Unknown … Continue reading

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License to Practice Law (A RIGHT), Attorney v. Lawyer, Bar Association.

License to Practice Law (A RIGHT), Attorney v. Lawyer, Bar Association. >> The practice of law is a common right,  law as common to all. Here’s the proof! 1. THAT The practice of Law is an occupation of common right, the … Continue reading

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