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History, Writ of Jury Impanel

History, Writ of Jury Impanel (Green is Hansen’s comments) I do not agree with the below article/INFO 100%, but it is an interesting read, I’ll make more comments on it as time provides. The “sheriffs” we presently (different from various sheriffs … Continue reading

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Protected: M1S-41, Common Law Court, Court of Record, How to Convene’, (?$)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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David Myrland, 40 Months, Yet he may have been in the right, just did it the wrong way.

(((I, Paul Hansen, was asked; “why I believe JSCCourt is not in violation as David Myrland was found to be?)))  (My, Paul’s, response is proceeded with “>>” arrows.) An antigovernment “sovereign citizen” will spend 40 months in prison for … Continue reading

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Free Inhabitant v. State Citizen / US Citizen

45 minute, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, with Audio, by Paul John Hansen, Counsel / Lawyer Titled as:   Free Inhabitant One A 1. How to understand the basics of removing ones private property from the County Tax Roles. 2. How to avoid … Continue reading

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Jurybegone Formula, + Free Inhabitant Court

A short story explaining the easiest way to get out of having to “serve” as a juror in your own state, in any US court. I play water polo with a club team and last week while we were in … Continue reading

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