I, Paul Hansen, get arrested occasionally for standing up against intrusive government.

If you are not getting a response back from my email it is highly likely I am in jail.

There are two main reasons people go to jail in the United States:

-one is for violating US written law,

-the other is for holding fast to the God given right to live independent of such corrupt institutions (empires) as the United States has become.

See also my other site –   freeinhabitant.info.


6 Responses to WHERE AM I

  1. Wendy Kowalski says:

    I’m a Minnesota landlord/special assement guru. I enjoyed learning that I am not the only one out there fighting this thing. I also litigate and am a pro-seyer. Call me, it’s quicker since I am not online often and I can’t seem to find your number.

    My number is 763-856-xxxx

  2. Aalim Mohammad says:

    I like to know if you would point me in the direction I should go to reply to a final order for approval of sale. I have all together about 5 robo signers on two mortgage
    assignments, promissory note stamped at two times, and my loan application was inflated 4times above my income. And now I am filing complaints on the notaries and I believe 1 or 2 of them are about to be decommissioned. my foreclosure case just had an approval of sale , my documents are forged, what should i file back at them now , a motion to void j or motion to vacate j? Aalim Mohammad

  3. William Jean says:

    I was wondering if I could get a copy of the affidavit that you submitted to CPS to have the Waco released. Im fighting CPS right now and they keep cutting me off at every turn.
    Could I get a copy of that? Im following Ed Rivera teachings but Im still learning.

    • I have no access to it, it would be very straight forward. Does your issue have a marriage license? did it occur on land owned by the USA? It is not that difficult to stop STATE actions.

      • William Jean says:

        1st answer: I do have a marriage license with my wife. I did get the coverture info and my wife is currently incarcerated which Im trying to get her out and CPS is trying to play me against my wife.
        2nd answer: No, they took our children from our home.

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