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Emigrants, Borders, Biblical View

50 Minute Presentation: The Politics of Humanism, Part 5, "Immigration: The Organization of Fallen Man."Numbers 15:15-16 by Pastor Jason Garwood Posted by Cross & Crown Church on Sunday, October 28, 2018 >>

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Officer must see the accident to issue a citation.

((Most judges do not dismiss such cases, but they are overturned by the appellant courts. >>The moral (facts) of this story is that a US officer (administrator, [policy enforcer-police]) can not attest to something they did not personally witness, like an automobile … Continue reading

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Charter, County (s)

Charter, Varieties Across America: >> Brevard County Charter Articles 1 and 2 Article 1 Creation, Powers and Ordinances of Home Rule Charter Government SECTION 1.1. CREATION AND GENERAL POWERS OF HOME RULE CHARTER GOVERNMENT WE, THE PEOPLE of Brevard County, residing in … Continue reading

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