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Recommended Expository & Topical Teaching Sources, Theology.

Recommended Expository & Topical Teaching Sources ‘Theology’

I highly recommend that you visit this site and follow the expository teachings of
Phillip G. Kayser, PhD, as he is the Senior Pastor of Dominion Covenant Church. Phil has degrees in theology and philosophy/ethics.


I down load these sermons and listen to them approximately one-half hour just before bed.

Just to give you an example of what my personal preferences are here are a few more of my favorite theologians:

RC Sproul
James Kennedy – excellent of showing God’s providence in history.
J Vernon McGee
Warren W Wiersbe
D. A. Carson
Charles Spurgeon
John F. MacArthur
John Piper
William Carey
R. J. Rushdoony
John Calvin
David Livingstone
Francis Schaeffer
George Whitefield
John Bunyan
John Fox
John Knox
Martin Luther

Another of my favorite on topical teaching is Bojidar Marinov, I think from Bulgaria.

Axe to the Root – Taking on the idols March 18, 2016 Bojidar Marinov Leave a comment · withered_tree_of___hope_by_darkensilver-d3fko9p. I may not be as old as Pastor Tim Bayly, and therefore …
Bojidar Marinov, Author at Axe to the Root Author Archives: Bojidar Marinov. The Evangelical Establishment Got Trumped, Again · April 2, 2016 Bojidar Marinov 7 comments · pieter edited smaller.
Bojidar Marinov Sermons | – Bojidar Marinov Sermons. … Members Only. Bojidar Marinov Home | Sermons By Speaker Name RSS Send Photo. Podcast By Speaker | …
Christendom Restored | Feb 19, 2016 … Bojidar Marinov / December 8, 2015 / Civilization, Culture, Government, Law, Missions, Politics / Permalink. You are not to say, “It is a …
Refuting Bojidar Marinov’s Dishonesty on National Identity and the … Feb 25, 2014 … In a recent thread in a Facebook group called “Reconstructionist Theonomists,” Bojidar Marinov has made some astounding comments …
Bojidar Marinov | Fire Breathing Christian Tag: Bojidar Marinov. The State only “keeps us safe” by “protecting us” from freedom,… FireBreathingChristian -. December 15, 2015. What are you, some kind of …
Libertarianism: A Presuppositional Approach – The American Vision Feb 29, 2012 … Feb 29, 2012 by Bojidar Marinov 42 Comments. In my libertarian activities in Bulgaria I often had to confront questions by secular libertarians …
Bojidar Marinov ~ Biblical Separation of Society and State~ Law … Mar 25, 2014 … Bojidar Marinov’s second of two talks at the Houston area Chalcedon Foundation’s Law & Liberty Tour event, November 2013.
Immigration Series – Bojidar Marinov – YouTube Immigration Series – Bojidar Marinov. DatPostmil; 4 videos; 893 views; Last updated on Mar 26, 2015. Play all. Share. Loading… Save …
Immigration and The Sabbath – Bojidar Marinov – DatPostmil Mar 26, 2015 … This is the first lecture in a series of 3 lectures that Bojidar Marinov gave at Church Of The King about the recent border immigration issue in …

Google him he has more.


Aid in Downloading:
With My Apple Computer, yours may be different, I go to the site below and click on not “Sermons” but this title (Genesis & Revelation) and then it asked me to listen or down load, I down load and listen to it throughout the day.
Genesis & Revelation, April 26, 2015 Revelation, at >

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WE WON the Federal Case and they Seal the Case Record from the Public ! WHY?

I, and Kent Hovind, get charged with fraud, mail fraud, and conspiring to commit fraud, each charge carrying a potential 20 years. After the US spent $350K on the case we still won the case, and guess what, they sealed the case. Look at this letter the case was sealed without even noticing us and can you believe it the US can not afford a CD disk to record the pretrial hearings or the trial.

We just have to trust “their” court reporter who we have already proven she extracted portions out of past hearings that proved due process violations.

This is criminal, just one more important reason why the Feds should be run out of our communities.


We were told that we were the only people that won a trial in that torture chamber in the last ten years.

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Lost your car to state or tow company, we can get damages back.

If you have ever, or even know of someone, in the last 200 years, that lost any property to the state, or any tow company, we can likely get it back with damages.

Email me at


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Title 26, IRS CODE, not a law, never was, never will be, it is an individual “CONTRACT”.

The Internal Revenue Code defines a contract between the IRS and the individual. 26 USC 7806(b) says that Title 26 is not law, as we read “No inference, implication or presumption of legislative construction shall be drawn or made by reason of the location or grouping of any particular section or provision or portion of this title…” N.B. “legislative construction” means “law” and the following United States Supreme Court unmistakably states the same conclusion: “The fact that 26 USCS Sec. 4161(a) is located in part of Code dealing with
recreational equipment and sporting goods is of little significance in determining applicability of tax to lures used in commercial fishing since Sec. 7806 provides that nothing is to be inferred from grouping or indexing of any particular section.” —
Nordby Supply Co. v United States (1978, CA9 Wash) 572 F2d 1377, cert den 439 US 861, 58 L Ed 2d 170, 99 S Ct 182.

SOOOOO throw those “SHOW ME THE LAW” and make a “SHOW ME THE CONTRACT“.

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Protected: Key Case Law, US Court Opinions

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Right To Travel, Determination Request upon Governor, Mayor, and Sheriff.

Right To Travel, Determination Request upon Governor, Mayor, and Sheriff.

To: Governor Pete Ricketts – Emailed by page –

To: Mailed to Sheriff Timothy F. Dunning, Douglas County Law Enforcement Center
3601 North 156th Street, Omaha, NE 68116.

To: Mailed to Mayor Jean Stothert, City Hall is located at:
Omaha-Douglas Civic Center, 1819 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68183.  Emailed to – Office Contact Agent for Stotherts’ email was not found.

From: Paul John Hansen, 1548 N 19th Street, Omaha, Nebraska (68110), as land without the United States. Email –

Date 3-7-2016 (2 page letter)

I wish to have a written determination from you for the following reasons:

I have never elected to become a UNITED STATES Citizen.
As I recreationally travel, in a noncommercial capacity, as in having no transportation of cargo or passengers for a fee.
I never use a tan-um (2) axel truck, which may be be considered an unusual use of the open roads.
Essentially I believe I am using the open roads as a right, where your agents are applying the STATE OF NEBRASKA Motor Vehicle Legislative written laws. I believe, that provided that I violate no one else rights as I travel, that I am not subject to the said Motor Vehicle laws.
For the last ten or more years DOUGLAS COUNTY Deputy Sheriffs, CITY OF OMAHA Police Department officers, and various STATE OF NEBRASKA employees, have all attempted to apply the said STATE OF NEBRASKA motor vehicle written law to my said recreational traveling.
The above has damaged me greatly mentally, physically, and financially.
I intend to do traveling within the exterior boundaries of Nebraska in seven days and need documentation from you that I will not be harassed by any of your agents, deputies, or employees for exercising my right to travel as described above.
This document was emailed to your office on the date of March 7, 2016, as a notice upon you and as evidence of this notice.
If you do not respond within seven days I will receive it as an admission that my belief is correct and I will not be harassed by your people as I do my traveling.
I do not want anyone to have evidence that I act with intent to violate any laws of your jurisdiction.


I need to know if I have a duty to have liability insurance, registration, and a state drivers license, when I travel as described above in my car or motorcycle.
I am sure that you are aware of administrative policy of all agents under the UNITED STATES that when a question of law as related to activity, or any caution associated with intent of conduct, you have a duty to answer such inquiry.
In the event that I am stopped, and no evidence exist that I am in an activity that falls under the governance of the said state (STATE OF NEBRASKA) written law, I will hold you personally responsible for any damage that a common law jury may determine for your failure to train your agents properly of my said right.
I wish that you email me back your response within the seven days, and also mail a ink signed copy to my mailing location as posted above.
I will require $150.00 per hour that your neglect causes me, if any occur.
The state has damaged me in excess of $100,000.00 in the past several years, this is said to notice you of the damage that such past neglect has caused.
Essentially you will be in a common law court of record, with no state judge, with no state attorney to represent you, and you will have to convince the jury that your agents conduct is compliant to the scope of the applied state written law they, you, enforce.
Each email was ascertained by recorded phone conversation with your respected agents available for any court action.
If any part of this question is unclear please email me a specific statement of what is believed to be ambiguous and I will reply immediately.
If no reply is made form you all cost of registration, court cost, fines, liability insurance, and $10,000.00 for any false arrest, and $150,00 for the hourly false incarceration fee will be your personal responsibility.

_____Paul Hansen__
Paul John Hansen

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Username / Password / Secure Storage, here for only $3.00 Per Year, only you have access, double encryption, 100% secure.

Under construction, soon to be in full operation.

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Sample below

Account     Username     Password     First     M     Last     DOB    Linked Email Security Questions
F pauljjhansen 254$gH87 paul j hansen 1/1/1988 (See MORE >)

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Soon to get up and running.

Posted 3-5-16

We are working on a Paypal system for the sites to operate. We will start servicing all the many clients that have desired our aid for the last 17 months.

Going through court for one full year, being incarcerated the whole time, really put a wrench in the services we offer by this site, thanks for all extended patience you are affording us.

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