Protected: Sheriff has legal duty to enforce the ‘statutory written law’, and the ‘common law’.

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Protected: Federals Destroyed, Air Rifle Prosecution Failed

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‘Federal Tax Liens’ expire every 7 years.

Notice that on the below it gives a date that the lien automatically expires. Filling good only for seven (7) years.

As soon as you get one of these we can supply you with an inexpensive administrative process to force the man that filed it to have it removed.  See/Click > M1S-65

Read the boxed in area on the attached document.

State Property Taxes only applies by general law on land that is owned by the United States, it is a type of user fee, tenant rent, an undisclosed scam.

We remove property from the ‘taxable roles’ at the counties assessors office.


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Credit Card National Precedent, Arbitration Slam, Hansen Wins.

National Precedent, Credit Cards associated with an arbitration judgment.

Paul John Hansen gets a national precedent against a National Credit Card Company.

One of the biggest credit card companies in the Worlds, with the best lawyers on Earth.

This plow boy beat them in the highest court in the State of Nebraska.

If you have a credit card case dealing with any form of arbitration issues I can likely win the case for you. I have not lost a case in twenty years, not one.

Beat them with the right challenges before the court even starts.

Order M1S-73 if it is an arbitration issue. (Click > MS10073)

Or better yet just pay a few dollars for counseling to help assure your win.

I guarantee a win or your money back.




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For future use.

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Client Notice.

To all Clients: If you are missing any products in our ‘Shared Dropbox‘, or believe they may not be ‘updated, email me and we will refresh the account to assure you have the latest versions of your ordered products. To follow only “my” law postings send me an invite to “Paul Severe, Omaha, NE” by Facebook.

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Contracts, General INFO

PDF > 01 contracts_bar

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OMB control numbers, Defense, IRS

SEE > OMB control numbers


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Arrest, Imprisonment, False – False Arrest

A Treatise On Arrests And False Imprisonment [< PDF]                                        (searchable as > False Arrest)

6-7-2017 – I, Paul Hansen has not read this document in its entirety as of this date due to time restraints, so I cannot endorse it yet. Will likely read soon.

Email me if you see error in the document, or have good info to add to this site.


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Credit Card Defenses

Credit Card Defenses:
Before 1913, before the Federal Reserve Act was slipped in over Congresses Christmas Session Break, banks used honest money to lend out to Americans. Credit banks were close to non-existent due to the liability risk.
Bankers can not defraud Americans out of billions of dollars a year with honest money, that is why they will kill presidents to keep the Fed in place, if need be.
Now the banks create credit and deliver it to you in a electronic bank ledger accounting system, essentially bypassing the need for depositors money.
All is fine unless you are a depositor and want a little interest for all your hard work. They will give you a little, very little.
What does this have to do with me winning every credit card case I have ever went to court on is this:
a. all banks in the US are governed by Congress,
b. Congress has never given permission to banks to do this,
c. the bank or credit card company will never come to court where full (call accounts) disclosure may be required,
d. banks have never been given permission to exchange promises to pay for Federal Reserve Notes,
d. bank officials do not want to give false testimony (perjury),
e. bank officials must testify unless the case is acquiesced (plaintiff dismisses),
f. you must have the right law to stop the judge from blocking your defenses,
f. you win, they lose, you do not pay a dime.

Normally I charge 35$ per hour.
The client does most of the work with my case defense documents.
Every case is different, much like a chess game is.
Some cases only take one hour of my time, few take more than four hours.

If you want to lose go in arguing your case and you will lose most every time.
Ask the right person the right questions, at the right time, and let them know you are working with the right legal minds, and you will most likely win.

And even if you lose I know how to generally stop them from collecting based on a void judgment principle, by a subject matter jurisdiction challenge.

THEIR crime does not pay if YOU know how to play.

Pay for one hour counsel time to get things off to a good start. Start well will ensure you end well. Use top PayPal Button <Click Here.



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