Due Process, what is it?

1. A notice of the hearing / claim against you. (Proof of notice / service.)

2. Meaningful hearing, opportunity to be heard and gather and present your evidence.

3. Clear statement of the claim, charges.

4. Ledger accounting of the damages.

5. Open to all, public hearing.

6. Record of the proceedings.

7. Record of final judgment, orders.

There is “no doubt” that the Due Process Clause requires at a minimum that adjudications affecting an individual’s life, liberty, or property, be preceded by (1) notice “reasonably calculated, under all the circumstances,” to inform the aggrieved party of the pendency and nature of the proceedings against him; and (2) a meaningful hearing “appropriate to the nature of the case.” Armstrong v. Manzo, 380 U.S. 545, 550 (1965), quoting Mullane v. Central Bank & Trust Co., 339 U.S. 306, 313 (1950).




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United States Court Record Denied to Appelant, Kent Hovind, Paul Hansen

Kent Hovind, Paul Hansen, United States Court, Norther Federal District, Case 3:14 cr 91  (Dropbox – Hovind, Hansen, 3:14)

8-21-2015 Sentenced for contempt of court. Served 85% of 18 months jail time.

Appealed same week.

12031-2016 sixteen month later the counsel given me by the state has failed to get the court journal record  to me, all exhibits, and all oral hearing transcripts, which are not available to me due to the fact that the case is sealed and only a licensed attorney has access to such court records.

Look like a way to prevent me from having an opportunity to create a good appeal, they will probably say that it has been long enough and give 10 days to get the appeal together which will be impossible because they refused to get the hearing/trial record to me these last sixteen (16) months so I can work on an appeal.

This is evil.

The counsel they provided has not even talked to me on the phone yet, though I have emailed her 20 or more times.



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Who’s Who in the Freedom Movement

Who’s Who in the Freedom Movement.


click > whoswho

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Protected: Mercedes Tow, 34&L, Omaha, Nebraska, 600$ Bond – Suspended License -12/2016-Chronology.

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Legal Notice Tools, Common Law, Email Magic

Legal Notice Tools, Common Law:

Email is one of the best ways to have evidence of notice.

So you want to provide a jury evidence of not only when, where, and to whom, you sent a legal “NOTICE”, but most importantly “WHAT” did you send.

Being that most all emails are archived since 911, especially the main line ones like gmail, and hotmail, you can now use them as a record of notice.

Corrupt people hate legal notice because they know that with a true fact ‘Evidencable‘ notice damages can escalate very fast after you told them that they may be lacking authority to do what they are doing. You see if you have been noticed personally you are now liable personably.

The government has recently been hiding their individual work email, years ago everyone had one posted on the internet, now the higher the office the less likely the email address will be noticed.

If it is not on the web this is how I get them:

Call their secretary / office.    Say that (make up a company name) wants us to email him this document and we lost his email address, can you get it for me.    If they ask your name give your alias.    They usually say what is it you need to email.    Say; “I do not know I just work in the office, I am just suppose to get the email address and send it to him.”    They usually then give it.

So now you have a tool that you can notice with.

They often block your email after that, so if you need to email another notice just select an alias email and send it, just keep a record of all emailings, with aliases, for an exhibit in court.


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IRS, self-assessment, Never Self Assess Yourself !!!

Hansen has not filed for sixteen years, IRS, or State refuses to get a legal claim.

I have not filed since the year of 2000, that is when I cam to understand that the 1040 IRS Tax Form was a contract for services from the UNITED STATES.

I have since then possessed 28 homes, apartments, and rental unites.

So why would the IRS, or the state, start a action against me?

It is because I know the right challenge procedure, taught to me by a lawyer in the year of 2000. Remember a IRS computer can not bill you only an agent can, and it must be sworn under his personal liability, that is their greatest weakness if you know how to exploit it.

All they, or some IRS, or state computer, ever do is occasionally send me an unsigned computer generated bill for various years. See an example of one for claimed taxable income of $332,498.00 in 2004 below.




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Police Brutality in Napa, California, Herich, Douglas Joseph, friend of Hansen’s

Herich, Douglas Joseph was only watching a girl get arrested more than twenty feet away with a cement barrier between them and gets arrested because he was told to move on and chose to keep watching so the girl was not harmed. He is now suing for damages.



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UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE OF L AW, Hansen Charged, does not apply because….



v. HANSEN      ___ N.W.2d ___Filed June 14, 2013. No. S-12-475.


They forgot to mention that I have never practiced law ever, not charged one time, not even one in 20 years, from 2013 to this day I have changed nothing, not one dotted “i” on my websites that they clearly see that I do on my sites.

They do this to first put fear in the unknowing, second to paint the knowing as criminals.

They know that I have never done anything illegal, I even dare them to sue me civilly in court if they have a claim of such against me they just walk away, they throw out their accusations and then slither away.

They often do this, in every state, to people that have knowledge.

This US Court Order is no different than telling me not to kill anyone, never have, never will. Such foolishness.

Click on the Paypal above to consider ordering products that stop US courts in their tracks, which they hate, and besides it cost them millions to boot, do your part, stop their theft of our property and liberty.

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Judge Mathis, how does it really work.


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Wells Fargo Bank get 25$ of 54,000$ and after 8 years gives up, WHY?

Today is 11-4-2016.

In case 1077-560 Paul John Hansen v. Wells Fargo Bank

2007 Wells got a judgement of 54k$ for legal fees from Hansen, in the case Hansen sues the bank for creating computer generated credit, which is a violation of federal law, the bank admitted to the act, the judge said I could not ask question about the primary case subject (the said bank fraud), the judge rules against Hansen, and awards the Bank attorney 54k$ in legal fees.

This being one of the most outrageous awards I ever witnessed in my entire life, all the bank was asked to do was to produce the ‘CALL REPORTS’ to validate the movement of funds to an account where a check was issued to me from.  As simple as that was the attorney asked for 54k$ and got every penny without even a hearing for me to participate in.

My own lawyer said that they own the judges, and they will kill me if I try to appeal the case.

So they must’ve been scared of damage me further by trying to collect, I had 20 houses and they did not touch one of them even though they all were paid in full.

They grabbed 125$ from one of my bank accounts, one time, in 8 years, the bank charged them 100$ for processing fees, so all they really got was 25$.

I hope to sue them in a common law court where a US judge can not cover their banking fraud. This is why big banks byout small banks. The small banks chose not to violate the law and are thus unable to compete with the big banks that do. The vast amount of inflation is due to these big bank banking practices, all against federal law, God’s law of equality, and common sense. People stand up, your wealth is being stolen daily by inflation and your inability to defraude like the big banks do. Try to lend out your money, they can always outbid you because it cost them nothing, and they have no risk, all the damage is passed to the masses who depend on the FEDERAL RESERVE DOLLAR.

The FEDERAL RESERVE owners, can by mere credit allowance, make any 4 year presidential term thrive in complete elation, or if they chose in complete recession or depression.

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