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Constitutional Confusion? Which one in which court?

What Constitution Should I Use?

Using the Federal Constitution in state court is a bad for a Nebraskan.

Only a 14th amendment citizen can use the Federal constitution, or Federal case opinions in state court.  The use of such is communicating that you are a US subject, (14th amendment citizen).

If a state citizen (non US citizen) is in Federal court he can use them without compromising his independence, providing he gives notice of his state citizenship.

When in state court only use state case opinions and state constitutions.

Being a ‘Nebraskan’ is the same as state citizen.

A ‘STATE OF NEBRASKA’ citizen is a federal citizen, for this ‘STATE’ is defined as federal possessions in Nebraska.

Oh what a web they have weaved, look the many they have deceived.

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Caution, define state, State? Terms? Trickery at its best.

State Defined:

Two separate and legal meanings

Texas  vs.  White,   yr. 1862, US Supreme Court

Small “s” consist of land people and government.

Small “s” is a fiction created by the people.

I am a part of the small “s” state.

I am not part of the capital “S” State.

Capital “S” is federal government.

Capital “S” occupies specific lands, and is not lands, small “s” is lands.

Sooooo when reading legislative law they may be talking about the laws that apply on Nebraska lands (state), or they may be talking about land in Nebraska that are Federally controlled (State).

Also pay attention to the “Terms Defined” / “Definitions” section in the legislative bills to understand who/what the written laws apply to.  For example “in this state” though it is three words is a singular term used in most 50 states as a federal possession.

Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to aid in independence from the US System.

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Free Inhabitant v. the Constitutions

1. First Step in Removing private property from statutory property tax role.

2. How to stop all government intrusion by noticing the agent of his limitations based on the 4 Organic Laws of the USA.

3. How to stop a Police Officer from compelling you to an arraignment in any US Court of America.

4. How to formulate a English Common L aw court and get the judgments honored by all State Officers.

5. How to organize a jural society.  (Qualified English Common Law jurors.)

Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to aid in independence from the US System.

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Challenging the IRS Lien with a 6203 assessment demand.

Understanding a Federal Tax Lien

A federal tax lien is the government’s legal “claim” against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt.

The lien is a “claim” that protects the government’s interest in all your property, including real estate, personal property and financial assets (US bank accounts).

A federal tax lien “claim” exists after the IRS:

  • Puts your balance due on the books (*assesses your liability);
  • Sends you a bill that explains how much you owe (Notice and Demand for Payment); and

If You:

  • Neglect or refuse to fully pay the debt in time.

The IRS files a public document, the Notice of Federal Tax Lien, to alert creditors that the government has a legal right to your property. For more information, refer to Publication 594, The IRS Collection Process (PDF), text segments of the same are below.

(Page 2)   General steps from billing to collection

You file your tax return. Most returns are filed annually (by April 15th)

or quarterly.

1. If you owe taxes, we’ll send you a *bill. This is your first bill for tax due. Based on your return, we’ll calculate how much tax you owe, plus any interest and penalties.

2. If you don’t pay your first bill, we’ll send you at least one more bill. Remember, interest and penalties continue to accrue until you’ve paid your full amount due.

3. If you still don’t pay after you receive your final bill, we’ll begin collection actions.

Collection actions can range from applying your previous tax year’s refund to tax due to seizing your property and assets.

*Bill and *assess are terms to be conjoined.  Those same terms are your challenge.

The US government cannot ultimately make a legal claim upon your property without making a verified claim when you challenge their claim.

This is where the Demand for the 6203 Assessment comes into play to protect your independence from their claims that lack written law application.

If you may not have a duty they trick millions of people into voluntarily claiming that duty, or better yet creating that duty by filing a US Tax Form.

When you sign that US Tax Form (Generally a 1040 IRS Form) you, possibly, unwillingly, unknowingly, ignorantly, un-consentingly, just entered into a ink signed written agreement for services and benefits from the US Federal System.

NOTE – Contracts without full disclosure, or is un-conscionable, has effect, it has no force in any court, and they are un-enforceable except by fraud.

So the key is to challenge the bill.

If you do not challenge it, it stands as a valid bill.

6203 assessments are how you challenge it.

When the IRS does not provide you with a true assessment they must by written law remove all claims and return illegally seized property or bank account funds.

(The IRS often sends out what appears is a 6203 assessment but it lacks specifics that are in a true 6203 assessment, it is then only a bill and must also be challenged by a demand for a true 6203.)

Banks that refuse to return funds that have been turned over to the IRS illegally can be sued in any court of territorial jurisdiction.

If they refuse to return upon demand then the court is to apply a 20% additional fee for what was first lawfully demanded.

Pay 35$ for the 6203 Full Package>  HERE    then email me as to you order and it will be sent ASAP.

P.S.  Stay alert to this page, the IRS / State of Nebraska recently seized 280$ and also another 180$ from a PayPal account so I’ll be going after them for a 6203 was demanded and none was received, therefore no valid claim / bill exist to support the Lien.

Purchasing the above 35$ 6203 package will give you lifetime subscription to the perpetual access to the internet link, BOX, that shows the success and failures of such challenges done by me and my clients.

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Police = Policy Enforcer, Your policy is the question?

Question- Police, what is it?

Answer – Police is an action associated with the policy (in house laws) of the owner of a property.

Q- What are some examples of police positions/offices?

A- Military Officers.

Federal Officers – US Marshalls.

State Officers – State Patrol.

County Officers – County Sheriff.

City Officers – City Police.

Corporate Officers – On-site police / security.

Church (ecclesiastical) Officers.

Private Officers – Hired security.

Home Officers – Head of Household.

                                  Addressing City Police:

City police are city employees, paid by the city.

The head executive officer of the city employees is the mayor of the city.

Mayors are elected by city “persons”, also called citizens.  (Citizen is defined as a “subject” person of a city jurisdiction.)

City property is the jurisdiction of a city employee.

A city is a created entity, existing in a specific jurisdictions written law, generally referred to as “state” law, specifically city-charter law.

A “state” as defined in the United States Code, and all 50 states of the US, is defined as “a possession or territory [o]f the United States.

City property is land that is owned by a city.

The City only has chartered permission by the state therefore can only have operation by law within it’s grantors same jurisdiction.

Therefore a city can only legally operate on land that is “a possession or territory of the United States.

Land is evidenced (recorded) as a possession or territory of the United States at the United States Bureau of Land Management office.

The area of land commonly referred to as Nebraska was at one time all owned by the confederacy called “The United States of America”.  The USA has a constitutional duty to only hold land that is needed for military purposes; the rest is to be offered back to the private sector.

So a city such as CITY OF OMAHA is only a corporation existing by US written law and limited to operate on land that is of the United States holdings.

Cities are entities and cannot act (do acts); only living persons can act.  Therefore if one is confronted by a “city” employee he is presumed to be acting on behalf of his employer.

If such a person is acting off land that is not of his employer he is not within the jurisdiction of his employer and is now subject to this “another” jurisdiction.

City jurisdiction is exclusive to only “city” lands.

People who occupy a given land are the highest jurisdiction.

Those who occupy have a duty to govern according to God’s written word.

The CITY OF OMAHA Police Department only has chartered authority on city lands.

Officers that are employed by the CITY OF OMAHA ‘Police Department’ and are found acting on land that is not “of ” the CITY OF OMAHA have the same limited authority as any other private person on that same land.  Such people have the same commercial liability for any acts that violate God’s law, as to our God given right, and are assessed damages as determined by a community court of the people’s jurisdiction.

So “CITY” police are of/for the “CITY”.

Most “city” streets are not owned by the CITY, but are open passageways to all.

The private sector has a God given duty to develop their own police force compliant to God’s Word in all areas of life, especially with that occuring on the peoples lands.

To rely on “CITY” officers is a fatal error.

When a “CITY” officer attempts to apply city municipality laws, or “State” written law, upon you, be sure to kindly ask him what provision does he, in his personally capacity, have in place, if he violates your rights, or fraudulently tries to misapply laws of a foreign jurisdiction to the land we are now standing on. Again asking him; “does your employer own the land we are now standing on.”

Tell the “CITY” officer that all efforts he may have in acting as a good neighbor is welcomed.

I sometimes asked if he owns a nice house, adding, with a big smilJ; “I like nice houses.”

State Troopers are for issues on “state” land.

County sheriffs are for county land issues.

City police are for issues on “city” land.

Private people govern private lands.

All are to act as good neighbors.

County property tax (use fees) is only for county owned land.

Paul John Hansen 2014

Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to aid in independence from the US System. Done in free, need done in


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Common Law and the US Court Relationship

Common law is unwritten law, just try and get a judge to take judicial notice of unwritten law, they do not act as an unwritten law court, they act as written law court, and court opinions on those written laws, forget common law, just find the case opinions that the court applies common law and give judicial notice on that case site, anything else is of little value.

Our opinion of insertion of common law, biblical law, natural law, or just common sense, does not force the hand of any ungodly US judge, but judicial notice on their US case opinions do.

Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to aid in independence from the US System. Done in free, need done in

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Major Hospital collecting 11% of total billings.

Major Hospital in the Omaha, NE area is collecting 11% of total billings from emergency room clients.  That is why when, if you can pay, you pay 10 times more than it really should be.

Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to aid in independence from the US System. Done in free, need done in

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Q/A, Question and Answers. Use search bar.

Each page has a search box that can aid for searching any topic or word in all the pages.

Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to aid in independence from the US System. Done in free, need done in

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Attorneys license proves to be evidence of fraud.

Man speaks about winning cases with challenging the attorneys license.  He found that the license must come by the Supreme State Court and the license in fact comes from the BAR ASSOCIATION, therefore the attorneys are not licensed as required by law, but are only by a private business (BAR).

I am temporarily removing MP3 because we are getting overwellmed by solicitors on this subject, we are working on a package so clients can read the material.


_________, WA,  being interviewed:
6:40  negative averments, served only – nothing into court record.
Prosecutor – Dismissed
Clerk of Court – Dismissed
10:00 Denial that legal fiction they were seeking had any evidence that it existed.
Affidavit of mistakes, of 3rd party, no date, not signed, invertedly recieved, false personation, missdirected,
and then add Affidavit of negative averments.
Always separate documents.
No dispute, no claims.
Not a franchise of the state of _______, not a corporation.
Deny court exists, deny prosecutor exists.
DO NOT respond in any way to what you have been accused of.
 When warrant issued go after the fraud of the court, expose it,
Warrant is for dishonor, corporate admeralty setting.
The “court” is a private court.
Innocence plea only, never guilty.
What does the law say, “innocent until proven guilty”, then accept that as my plea.
If judge enters a plea of not guilty, challenge the as to lying, falsifying the record.
Advocate counselor.  Always have a contract with the client.  Impairing my right or my clients right to contract.  No re-present the client, client speaks, only speak for client.
Demand the sheriff to arrest the judge, if not call a US marshal.
Bar license from the license state.
25:00 When the judge pushes license then you just won your case.
Contempt issues.

2nd Call – 1 hr 37 min – How to Win in Court –


2nd recording notes:

Advocate Counsel, admiralty contract, criminal, and civil.

Place liability upon the court causes case to stop.

Expose fraud, ruling based on fraud.

Placed under arrest. Hat issue, removed for respect, no law that says must remove any clothing, then charged the judge with the crime of false example.

Notice rights violated for false arrest.

XX Notice of intent to make a false arrest.

Sit in jury box; he claimed they couldn’t grab (arrest) you from the jury box.

He claims it is the people’s court.

Administrator is the boss of each “contracted” judge (administrator).

UBI number of the BAR association:

UBI/ Department of Revenue (DOR) Registration Number — Sometimes called a registration, tax, “C,” or resale number, the Unified Business Identifier (UBI) number is a nine-digit number used to identify persons engaging in business activities. The number is assigned when a person completes a Business License Application to register with or obtain a license from state agencies. The Departments of Revenue, Business Licensing Service, Employment Security, Labor and Industries, and the Corporations Division of the Secretary of State are among the state agencies participating in the UBI program. In most cases, your UBI number will also be your DOR registration number. Spouses who wish to file separately and business entities who have divisions that wish to file separately will be assigned separate DOR registration numbers as needed.

Then placed the judge under arrest.

Calls the judge by first name only.

Used ecclesiastical law in court.

Criminal contempt = who is making the claim.

If civil contempt = where is the contract.

Arrested 3 days, the released.

Sheriff said in 13 years no one has be charged convicted and released in three days for lack of contract.

Always notices the arresting party that he has been kidnaped, and is in fear of his life.

Demand sealed food, demands shared witnessed drinking water.

Went without food for three days, demanded food but only sealed food.

Picture and fingerprints are personal property based on amjur 2nd.

Could not book him.

Friends with the Sheriffs department staff.

Informed them that all caps name not me.

When asked to sign always say are you threatening me, never sign anything.

Tell judge his actions are in contempt of the court, refusal to give fair trial.

Bad faith they cannot move forward. In dishonor.

Not guilty, guilty, no contender all = dishonor in admiralty.

BAR business number.

Court business number.

Sat down with sheriff detective preempting warrant for practicing law without a license.

Deputy prosecutor charging him with practicing law without a license.

Washington UBI, TIN, numbers associated with attorneys license.

WASHINGTON STATE BAR ASSOCIATION is a private business (DBA) and not government.

Not licensed by Washington State Supreme Court but only by a BAR business.

Use no motion, make no objection.

Claim of no law to disclose BAR License.

Use only NOTICE to COURT and DEMAND, to expose the facts, not by permission process.


Must appeal their kangaroo accountable by record.

Criminal done in Admiralty = offer and acceptance.

Appeal is not in admiralty.

All “hearings” (decisions) can be appealed, interlocutory.

Discovery should be part of the original claim / case, and/or in the Answer.

Put a Federal Note (20$ US Bill) does this court accept private exchange notes from private companies. Place into evidence.

Tender Payment for deed of trust with a personal bond.

Invalidate the deed of trust.

Remove the property from the tax roles.

No answer = dishonor = win the case.

Notice of Court of definitions.

Put constitution into the court case.

When they ignore, remove it to Federal Court.

Actions are admiralty, appeals are in common law.

Motions to dismiss must be used with prior action on which the court can rule on and then motion for dismiss.

Affidavit of mistake, negative averments.

UBI is same as Business License (business registration number), 1st ask BAR ASSOCIATION secretary. Won a lot of cases on this alone.

Federal employee number of the court.

Facts in statement form, use the word “appear” when referencing judge and attorney. Notice of Fraud Intent to commit Fraud

Fraud puts them in possession of bad faith.

EIN #, Federal Tax I.D. #, TIN. Business Registration Number.

Dun and Brad Street number – Business Registration Number

UCC form can be changed.

Pages Pro (PAGEPRO – ADOBY) to change UCC form.

Used to purchase automobiles. Made state party, liable, state paid for the cars, to contract in his terms.

Had other people file when they stopped them.Affidavit of all that was acted as fraud.

He says all cause of action / charging documents are done by fraud.

 Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to aid in independence from the US System. Done in free, need done in


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