Police Brutality in Napa, California, Herich, Douglas Joseph, friend of Hansen’s

Herich, Douglas Joseph was only watching a girl get arrested more than twenty feet away with a cement barrier between them and gets arrested because he was told to move on and chose to keep watching so the girl was not harmed. He is now suing for damages.



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UNAUTHORIZED PRACTICE OF L AW, Hansen Charged, does not apply because….



v. HANSEN      ___ N.W.2d ___Filed June 14, 2013. No. S-12-475.


They forgot to mention that I have never practiced law ever, not charged one time, not even one in 20 years, from 2013 to this day I have changed nothing, not one dotted “i” on my websites that they clearly see that I do on my sites.

They do this to first put fear in the unknowing, second to paint the knowing as criminals.

They know that I have never done anything illegal, I even dare them to sue me civilly in court if they have a claim of such against me they just walk away, they throw out their accusations and then slither away.

They often do this, in every state, to people that have knowledge.

This US Court Order is no different than telling me not to kill anyone, never have, never will. Such foolishness.

Click on the Paypal above to consider ordering products that stop US courts in their tracks, which they hate, and besides it cost them millions to boot, do your part, stop their theft of our property and liberty.

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Judge Mathis, how does it really work.


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Wells Fargo Bank get 25$ of 54,000$ and after 8 years gives up, WHY?

Today is 11-4-2016.

In case 1077-560 Paul John Hansen v. Wells Fargo Bank

2007 Wells got a judgement of 54k$ for legal fees from Hansen, in the case Hansen sues the bank for creating computer generated credit, which is a violation of federal law, the bank admitted to the act, the judge said I could not ask question about the primary case subject (the said bank fraud), the judge rules against Hansen, and awards the Bank attorney 54k$ in legal fees.

This being one of the most outrageous awards I ever witnessed in my entire life, all the bank was asked to do was to produce the ‘CALL REPORTS’ to validate the movement of funds to an account where a check was issued to me from.  As simple as that was the attorney asked for 54k$ and got every penny without even a hearing for me to participate in.

My own lawyer said that they own the judges, and they will kill me if I try to appeal the case.

So they must’ve been scared of damage me further by trying to collect, I had 20 houses and they did not touch one of them even though they all were paid in full.

They grabbed 125$ from one of my bank accounts, one time, in 8 years, the bank charged them 100$ for processing fees, so all they really got was 25$.

I hope to sue them in a common law court where a US judge can not cover their banking fraud. This is why big banks byout small banks. The small banks chose not to violate the law and are thus unable to compete with the big banks that do. The vast amount of inflation is due to these big bank banking practices, all against federal law, God’s law of equality, and common sense. People stand up, your wealth is being stolen daily by inflation and your inability to defraude like the big banks do. Try to lend out your money, they can always outbid you because it cost them nothing, and they have no risk, all the damage is passed to the masses who depend on the FEDERAL RESERVE DOLLAR.

The FEDERAL RESERVE owners, can by mere credit allowance, make any 4 year presidential term thrive in complete elation, or if they chose in complete recession or depression.

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Omaha, Nebraska, pastor going down.

This girl is a client of mine, we are prosecuting a case against this man, if you have info that can help contact the site email address.

uberXO.com/STOP RAPE


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Special Appearance, Jurisdictional Challenge

Special Appearance, Jurisdictional Challenge

Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 U.S. 419 (1793)

The defendant, Georgia (State), refused to appear, claiming that, as a sovereign state, it could not be sued without granting its consent to the suit.

The state failed and was found subject to the court, yet the point is they tried to stay independent by refusing to appear.



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Marshal kicks me out and refuses to let me (acting 6th amendment counsel) back in even though judge said it was ok.

IRS Trial Chronology:

8-6-2016 – Mark Laskowski spends close to 2,000$ getting me, and various documents, and challenges, plus 3 days of hotel expenses, to the Federal court case (Federal Northern District Illinois 15 cr 267) in Chicago, and all are blocked, see the story below.

Monday 8:45 Pretrial Conference (Jury selection to begin at 9:00).

Only 4 people as observers.

Judge enters, all rise, calls the case, Two US Attorneys on right side, Marks “desired 6th Amendment counsel on the left side, acting as Representative Attorneys against Marks will, standing on left side.

Judge notices the record that Mark sent her a letter. (She did not disclose that the letter implied he he gave 50,000$ to one of her favorite charities and that he was not a US citizen and did not consent to the jurisdiction of the court.) She said she was much concerned that Mark is not in agreement with his bond release terms.

She then called Mark, Mark walked forward and remained silent even after the judge asked him several questions, then at about the fourth question Mark raised his right hand, Judge asked question again, Mack remained silent, raised his right hand, then judge announced that Mark is raising right hand but remaining silent, Mark then spoke saying; “you are you, I am Mark”, this mark did to the next ten, or so questions, eventually the judge said that Mark has chosen not to have counsel and trial will begin and she announced that they will now go into jury selection, I, Paul Hansen then rose and said: “As friend of the court, I am here as 6th Amendment counsel for Mark”, judge asked if I was an attorney, I said; “I am only here as 6th Amendment counsel for Mark”, judge said; “You can not represent Mark with out being a licensed attorney”, marshals rushed me threatening to use force to remove me if I did not go out in the hallway, there Mark was telling all that I am his 6th Amendment counsel, Marshals ignored. Mark asked his counsel to do something, he refused, the kicked me off the property to the center of the street and said I will be arrested if I come back.

I eventually got the head Court Security Marshal to come talk to me he said I must have state approved I.D. To come back on the property. I said the judge said she had no problem with my attendance provided I remain quite in the public gallery as an observer only.

Recording > soon to be added.

During the proceedings Mark informed the judge that he needed me by saying; “Mr Hansen as 6th Amendment Counsel”, asking her to take judicial notice of the 6th Amendment of the US Constitution Bill of Rights, she refused, he asked for my aid on the record no less than five times during the proceeding, stating that I am outside the courtroom waiting for permission to enter, Judge said it is up to the Marshals.

Mark had no skill, Marks appointed counsel did not subpoena a single witness upon Mark’s demand that he subpoena the IRS agent, or any man that claimed he had a duty to file, or had funds due and owing, and his counsel even failed (refused) to notice Mark of the pretrial evidence hearing, ignoring Marks email to this licensed attorney that he does not wish to allow any evidence in from the Government (Plaintiff), that all must be objected to for grounds of foundation, thus forcing the IRS to supply a witness for all exhibits, to which they have no ability to provide for care, and chain of custody of all such documents is insufficient to qualify as evidence, if objected to as stated, and mark had about ½ inch of documents that he sent to the IRS asking for a 6203 assessment, and notices, and challenges that the IRS must respond to when evidenced . Thus Mark was deprived of a defense, of 6th Amendment Counsel of his choosing, and denied meaningful time, and access, to the court, essentially a fair trial.

Mark could have prevailed on all of the charged quite easily if he was allowed his right to have me guide him through the pretrial and trial proceedings. The Government knew of my abilities and made sure I was blocked. Mark now faces five (5) years in a Federal Prison, for not doing a single crime, Mark simply asked, in writing, for the last eight (8) years, that the IRS answer his valid assessment questions before he filed, primarily if he had a legal duty to self assess himself by way of a IRS 1040 tax form, and if not he always asked the IRS to provide him with a 6203 assessment, as the US written law requires (USC – Title 26-6203).

One sure thing is that the US marshals were instructed to get “HANSEN” out of there as soon as possible, anyway possible, legal or not.

So get this the judge said I was ok, the Marshal said no. Said I could go back in “if” an Attorney comes and gets me, or subpoenas me, to which Marks “appointed counsel” which he took saying; “being you are refuse Hansen to be my 6th Amendment counsel I have no choice but to take one of yours, but Hansen is my choice that you are denying me”, said he will not help him to get this Hansen guy in.

A common law court of record my be used to get damages from all who violated Mark’s, and Hansen’s rights.

Sentencing is set for 11-6-2016, Mark is out on bond.

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