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HOW THE DMV HIDES THE TRUTH of travel rights.

“THE HISTORY OF VEHICLE REGISTRATION IN CALIFORNIA AND HOW THE GOVERNMENT/DMV HIDES THE TRUTH” California Vehicle Code section 4000(a) is the law that requires registration of Motor Vehicles. The history of this section can be dated back to the Statutes … Continue reading

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‘Judicial Notice’ is how to make the judge follow the law.

A Legislative Bills is proof of written law (Revised Code/Statutes are not.) and must be certified and offered as a judicial notice in the court record by ‘Motion of Judicial Notice, and must be served upon the other party ideally … Continue reading

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Nebraska Fully Recognizes Land Patents as Proof,

Scammers are selling packages to help you bring forward a “land patent”, it is a wast of money, all one needs is a certified copy from the Bureau of Land Management of your district and that is absolute proof in any … Continue reading

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CA new sobriety test can not ever be passed by any white color worker. This is very serious.  Click HERE to view the list of foundational information created by Lawyer Paul John Hansen to aid in independence from the US System. Done in free, need done in

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Why a “Free Inhabitant” License Meets State Standards.

California VEHICLE CODE  SECTION 12500-12527 [[ All comments in [[ brackets ]] are comments made by Paul John Hansen.  ]] 12505.  (a) (1) For purposes of this division only and notwithstanding Section 516, residency shall be determined as a person’s state … Continue reading

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US Citizen, long process.

A US Citizen is defined pursuant to the 14th amendment as someone born or naturalized in the US which is the territory owned by and ceded to the USA aka federal territory. The only way someone would be able to … Continue reading

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The Big Lie That Government Has a Budget Deficit. The CAFR Swindle – The Biggest Game/Scam In Town Government is not allowed to keep land more than 5 years without it using it as only the Constitution allows. Presently not only does the US Federal, County, and State, … Continue reading

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Lawsuit against Businesses Disallowed for Improper Collection ofOhioSales Tax

Lawsuit against Businesses Disallowed for Improper Collection ofOhioSales Tax Businesses faced with the task of collectingOhiosales taxes have received some favorable news involving sales made inOhio. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held in Bergmoser v. Smart Document Solutions, … Continue reading

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Jury Nullification, True Stories

[[[ Jury Nullification, True Stories, send me your personal story of how the judge tried to get you to do an injustice as a juror.  Judges lie when they say they are the judge in a jury trial, think about … Continue reading

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