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Is the law profession, in America, organized crime?

Also see the clip >    Jailed Attorney (x-school teacher), Chris Hedges, tells how the Bar association (American Lawyers) no longer works for the Defendant but for the US Government and the US courts. –BAR Ass-ociation– There’s no trust, … Continue reading

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David Myrland, 40 Months, Yet he may have been in the right, just did it the wrong way.

(((I, Paul Hansen, was asked; “why I believe JSCCourt is not in violation as David Myrland was found to be?)))  (My, Paul’s, response is proceeded with “>>” arrows.) An antigovernment “sovereign citizen” will spend 40 months in prison for … Continue reading

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HEMP, too wonderful to be allowed.

  Hemp is 12 times lighter than steel. Pound for pound hemp is 10 times stronger than steel. Hemp has no association to marijuana, no chemical exists in hemp that alters the mind. Hemp can be grown most anywhere a … Continue reading

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