Chad Peterson, Great Adventure Ministries, Omaha, Diagnosed?? Great Adventures Ministries

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Chad is at it again!‏ 1-26-2013
Some quick facts about the despicable Chad Peterson. It has been brought to me that Chad has been begging for money again! Are you surprised  Whether it is him trying to get a pastor at a church to promote him, or him manipulating the individuals that still attend GAMe. — This message will be brief… FYI I was asked to send something out.

He states that GAMe needs $5600 + per month to pays it’s bills. What he does not mention in the details of the finances is that $2500 goes to him, and at least another $500 goes to Monica (that’s the girl he pays hardly anything to that does most of the work).
So if you give to game please realize that for every $1 you give $0.54 is going to pay the staff, and the majority is paid to Chad himself. Of course he breaks it down like this… $1000 he says is “Pastors” pay (FYI he is NOT a pastor) and then he takes $1500 per month for the use of his house. That is $375 a week!! Say WHAT.! So if he ever invites you over to see a free movie, please understand it is far from free. There is more than enough to pay the bills with the money they receive from the Market Church… Don’t believe his lies!

Also, which this hasn’t been proven true yet, but we have some pretty strong evidence from some very reliable sources. Chad is in Mexico with some young woman he has met while on the road doing his day time job for Hormel. Chad is a very sexual person (hence him always hanging out with girls, touching them, or luring them to GAMe “dances”… disgusting!), one can only imagine what is going on there!

Since I last sent out a message the entire board(good people), have left GAMe. He has put in place other individuals that he can easily manipulate. If you know the names and email addresses of new people at GAMe please send them my way as it is so important to tell them the truth.

May God put in place a man who is above reproach to lead GAMe! That is my prayer!

GameTruth  –



mi•sog•y•nist me-sä-ja-nist : a hatred of women
1. He’s a Knight in shining armor. “I’ll save you.”

2. He’ll zero in on a woman. He chooses her.

3. He’s extremely possessive…. always wanting to know where you are and who you are with.

4. He’s obsessively jealous… even of your women friends.

5. He has first class spending habits… always wanting more.

6. He can’t stand criticism; always on the defense.

7. He’s exciting, fun and charismatic.

8. He is a product of a dysfunctional family.

9. He had a poor relationship with his mother. He had an abusive or passive father.

10. His view of reality is distorted.
11. He is uncomfortable with feelings; contemptuous of others’ weaknesses.

12. He has problems with authority figures.

13. If you share a secret with him it may be used against you.

14. “If you really love me, you would……” Unspoken threat of withdrawal if you don’t comply to his wishes.

15. He makes fun of you, calls you names and inflicts little digs (hostile humor).

16. You feel awkward and incompetent around him. You feel controlled.

17. He embarrasses you in public or flatters you in public then cuts you down when you’re alone.

18. He is nasty behind the wheel and feels that others’ mistakes on the road are directed toward him.

19. He wants or demands your undivided attention. He wants you available when he wants you.

20. His cruelty may be directed toward animals.
21. He has a dual personality (Jekyl & Hyde).

22. He has grandiose behavior; is cocky, controlling, and self centered.

23. He is preoccupied with sex and is sexually controlling.

24. He is competitive. He must always win. Everything is his way or no way at all.

25. He enjoyed playing with fire as a child.

26. He is or was involved in a violent sport. What is he doing now?

27. He comes on too strong.

28. He believes in the traditional role modeling and roles.

29. He is an habitual liar; he twists facts to make it look as if he were the victim.

30. He has high / low mood swings (extreme mood swings).
31. He takes no responsibility for anything. He blames others/things/circumstances for his behavior.

32. He treats you rough at times; twisting your arm, grabbing, shoving.

33. He is nice to others, but treats you badly (shows no respect).

34. He steals, uses people, cheats them out of their money, always borrowing to spend on himself and
then doesn’t pay back the loan.

35. He professes to be “religious” then attacks your religious beliefs.

36. He gives gifts and then demands favors.

37. He makes jokes and puts down women in front of you, then ridicules you if you get upset.

38. He encourages pity from others. He tells stories about how he was victimized all his life and that no
one really ever loved him (you feel sorry for him).

39. He constantly cuts down your friends and family and tries to keep you isolated from them. When you
do get together with them, he wants you to tell him everything that was said and makes you account
for all the time you were away.

40. He is very impatient and when he gets angry he will destroy property.

41. He is overly sensitive and sulks when he does not get his own way.

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18 Responses to Chad Peterson, Great Adventure Ministries, Omaha, Diagnosed?? Great Adventures Ministries

  1. concerned omahan says:

    love to hear ur take on why GAME is spending money for Ski Trips to Colorado every year (p.s. I am against any church or ministry using money for church ski trips every year)

    and also a Worlds of Fun trip in August (see)

    considering there is Coco Keys and Fun Plex, I think Game ‘s people are wasting their money that could be spent locally at fun plex or could be given to leigitmate ministries

  2. Former Game Member says:

    I just want to tell you that you normally are spot on with your reviews of Game and Chad Peterson. I have heard from more than one person who use to go there at how he tries to control everything. He will act like he is listening to people, but really he is trying to figure out how he can use it for himself. Even most recently i have heard how he tells people what he thinks of there relationships and as a woman going to a bible study, i didn’t see that it was his place to tell me what guy i can and can’t see. He tries to tell people who they can or should i say can’t see. I have also heard about this trips, if a guy can’t pay he says maybe next time. But then if a girl can’t pay, he says Oh wait we have some extra money to help you out. I have also heard from a couple members how he talks about people should not go to bars, because they are bad. But then he goes out dancing 1-3 times a week at some country bar. So, that is saying one thing and doing another. He also doesn’t have the right to judge people, because only God can do that. I also feel he likes all the attention from the girls in the groups. I have been going back off and on too see if there are changes, but really there are none. I don’t know for sure, but i also heard that one of his main people got caught doing a sexy competition and it just got swept under the rug and convinced the web site to take the pics down. I have also seen how they act towards gays, bi’s, and lesbians and it is wrong, because it is only God who can judge. But i am not saying that everything at Game is bad, but there need to be rules and boundaries that everyone follows, not just the members. So, in short don’t speak it unless you practice it and don’t judge unless you want to be judged.

    • We all are called to judge, but only by God’s standard, no less, no more. Thanks for your comments. My experience is that men and wemon with decrement soon leave that group and what is left are followers.

  3. Curious abour Game and its Leader says:

    I was looking into this place but now I question whether or not I should try it out, especially as a female. Can you tell me Paul how you came to know so much about him and why it’s so important to you to share it with others? I feel like if you knew him that well, then bad blood makes you biased, or you got tired of being blind to it?

    • I have known him for fifteen years, I know people that have known him for much more, most all men with decrement come to much the same conclusion. chad is a professional manipulator. Read the entire site. Remember much on the site is by other persons. I am now confirming reports of resent sexual fornication. I’ll be meeting with the people soon. Most girls that have suffered sexual abused are very reluctant to go public, predators know how to select this type of victim.

  4. Former GAMe Member #2 says:

    When and why has Chad Peterson changed his name to Chad Michaels?

  5. ca says:

    I would like to come forward. I started attending game this year and fell prey to Chad Michael’s manipulation and lies. At first I was impressed I found a good place to study God’s word with genuine individuals who sought after His heart. I was especially intrigued and impressed with Chad as he seemed equally so with me.
    However after a few months his behavior began to make me feel uncomfortable. He touched me in ways and placed on my body that were not appropriate, found many opportunities to be alone with me, made me touch him and other things telling me it was ok it wasn’t sex, and told me if I didn’t do what he said I could never come back to game.
    I thought surely others must recognize this. But a lot of the leaders are new Christians “baptized” by Chad himself who is not even an ordained minister. He’s duped these poor young women not unlike myself to believe his lies, to believe that a “pastor” is something that he really is not. They do what he says as if he’s the one calling the shots and honestly after spending the last few months away from there and in a new church, I’ve witnessed the real power of god, I’ve felt real worship, had real prayer and I’m surrounded by real Christians. The spirit is so evident to me, but at game it was empty. Now I know why. Their leader is empty. Chad if you’re reading this I forgive you. I feel sorry for you. It must be exhausting to pretend everyday. I pray that you will one day fill the emptiness in your heart that you have tried to hide with lies and false ministries with a genuine relationship with god. You talk a lot to me about finding a wife, if you truly wanted that and sought after gods heart and asked god for that then you would recognize you behavior with us girls as inappropriate. I wouldn’t marry a guy who spends his time taking trip with girls, letting them hang at his house all the time, letting them lay on him or rub his shoulders. I’d look at that boy and say, ” the re s a selfish player”. I feel sorry for you. You may think you’re surrounded by people and you can threaten them, control them, do whatever you want to keep them from leaving and to keep them in your box, but you’ll always be alone, unless you change. You know I use to say I can’t know what’s in a persons heart. You may have a relationship with God but brother you aren’t living a life in validation of it. I’m ashamed of what I allowed of what I witnessed and accepted and of being so proud to be a member. You will fail unless you make radical change and I’d beg public confession and request for forgiveness. You will fail because I realized its all about you, not about god, the ministry, the people, or anything else….its all about Chad.
    After making my decision Chad actually had all my friend from game ignore me, everyone stopped talking to me. People I believed who were good Christian friends just fell in line and stone walled me. There is no conviction among a single soul who know Chad and it is a shame. Part of he wants to blame them, but I believe they are even more duped than I. I have the advantage of knowing my faith before him, he didn’t shape it for me but he has poisoned poor girls not as strong as I in false testimonies. I’d beg to offer he’s a false prophet reminiscent of the anti-Christ who will charm his way into peoples hearts. He wears the suit really well, the armor of god would almost fit, except his armor was not formed by god, his was forged by his own hand to look like the armor of god. I asked for forgiveness, god granted it to be because I asked. I hope the other women of game see this and search their own hearts to see the truth about him and feel the conviction of the lord upon their hearts. It’s not too late. And I urge them to share their stories too, he can’t be allowed to continue in this way without true repentance and even then he should not be in his position he’s not fit to lead Christians. I swear on my faith in Jesus Christ this testimony is true and you can share it here in the hope and expectation that others from game or seeking interest in game will find the truth.

    • Ex GAMe Member says:

      If there is any doubt that GAMe and its leader Chad Peterson/aka Chad Michaels is a cult, look no further than the testimony of the girl above. Those loyal to Chad always excuse or cover up his behavior by saying that any witness or testimony against him is just lies and rumors. There are some at GAMe who will acknowledge the accusations and have red flags of their own, but they are otherwise too afraid to rock the boat.

    • John 8:32 says:

      Would like to add to ca’s testimony. In the late 2000’s Chad was in a several year long relationship with a girl from GAMe, though the last year or so of it was pretty much going nowhere. In early 2010, Chad’s ex girlfriend started dating another guy in GAMe. Chad immediately retaliated by “excommunicating” both of them as part of “church discipline” even though no specific sins were fully detailed out and GAMe is not a church. We were told not to talk with or associate with them or anyone who sided with them. The next several months became a circus of special meetings addressing these controversies. When 2010 started GAMe had around 100-150 people attending its Monday and Tuesday services. By that fall so many people had left that GAMe was forced to reduce itself to just its Tuesday night service; in 2014 they still only meet on Tuesdays and less than a dozen people from 2010 or earlier remain. The GAMe board at that time demanded that Chad step down once they realized what was going on was wrong. Since his removal would require himself to also vote himself out, of course that wasn’t happening. The entire GAMe board ended up stepping down as a result. Many of these board members and regular members that left had put years of their lives and many thousands of dollars into what they thought was a good and godly venture. For those reading any of the accounts here and still have doubts, go to the link at the top of the page that will take you to the GAMe Truth e-mails that are posted on this blog. Many of those people whose names show up in those e-mails can be found on Facebook and in Omaha area churches. Many of them are willing to share their testimonies or at the least are willing to steer you to others.

    • Chad has damaged many people, especially girls over the years, we need all the input as possible to stop this behavior.

      • I agree. and Chad “Michaels” is part of a bigger problem in Omaha ‘s Christian community.

        (i.e. too many ego-driven Omaha area pastors and ministry leaders who are only into power and controlling people

        and not into being a shepherd to the flock to help folks spiritually grow in Jesus.

        GAME is far from alone in Omaha ‘s Christian community when it comes to this practice.

        I stopped going to GAME in 2010 (part of the exodus) cause Chad ‘s creepy behavior

        and I also felt it was wrong for GAME to be spending money on Ski Trips and Kayaking Trips and Worlds of Fun trips each year

        Mission Work (locally or over-seas),

        and not Chad’s vacations is what GAME’S money should have been spent on.

        Sadly wasteful spending still goes on at GAME. They recently had another Colorado “mission” trip which was kayaking and nothing to do with helping people.

        and sadly, many churches in Omaha are doing the same recreational church funds spending that GAME does, which explains why I don’t go to church on sundays.

        I would rather go to the movies or sleep in on sundays,

        than be around Chad Peterson (or Chad Michaels or whatever he wants to call himself) type church leaders who only care about money and power

  6. Jennie says:

    My x-boyfriend was in touch with you I believe? What can you tell me about Chad? I’ve suffered from his manipulation. Thanks.

  7. concerned omahan and former GAME member says:

    the fact he Chad Peterson is now calling himself Chad Michaels say plenty.

    He is hiding something.

    He also seems to love the bars too. (see)

    Club Rodeo in Topeka Kansas Tonight and Whiskey Tango in Kansas City Missouri among others if u read his FB posts.

    What is sadder is how the women defend a creep like Chad

    (any Omaha area church that would allow their people to attend GAME should be holding their heads in shame)

    but than again, anything goes in the Christian community in Omaha (so many well known “Christian” authors, “prophets” and teachers

    and creepy guys like Chad are defended without a thought in many churches

    only those who speak out get taken to task in Omaha ‘s churches

  8. Kenneth says:

    My wife and I had the misfortune of meeting Chad Peterson/Michaels many years ago. I grew up here, my wife is from Western Michigan. She moved here while we were dating and needed a place to live (in 1996). Unfortunately, we were introduced to Chad through a mutual friend who also attended Christ Community Church with Chad (we only visited CCC a couple of times, I’m not a fan of Mega churches). He was renting a house on Martha St. behind St. Joseph mental hospital and my wife rented from him for several months. What a nightmare of an experience, the other girl who lived there was just as needy and drama ridden as Chad. My wife moved here to further our relationship and both Chad and the other girl would get upset and threaten to kick us out if my wife didn’t spend more time with the roommate. They actually thought that my wife’s purpose in the house was to keep her roommate company. Needless to say, my now wife moved out six months after she moved in.
    Back then I could tell Chad had some very unhealthy and inappropriate relationships with other women. He was/is a textbook narcissist; everything is about him and he craves attention. I would personally witness the back rubs and massages that Chad always wanted to give to other young women. My wife and I thought he was very creepy back then. We were so glad to get away from him and his group of “friends” as quickly as we did.
    Ironically, we just started attending Crosspoint Bible Church (formerly Evangelical Bible Church) and Chad was there this last weekend promoting Sozo Coffee House/GAMe. I recognized him right away, even though he know goes by Chad Michaels. I knew something was up with the name change and found this site today after doing a search for him on the web. I would warn anyone to stay as far away from him as possible, I knew then he was a master manipulator and what I found on this site doesn’t surprise me in the least. Keep it up, wolves like this guy need to be exposed!!!

  9. Kylara says:

    Chad raped me and xxxx me xx the xxx. I hate him for that! Women’s please stay away from this man.He loves to raped women and take their money.
    Paul Hansen’s comment/reply > The language was to graphics to allow.

  10. unknown says:

    How do you know all this that you claim? Has he ever had actual charges against him?
    >> Two or three girls contacted me and said they tried to get county prosecutor to file charges, he chose not to.

  11. Perry Lindsey says:

    Chad recently sent me an email, asking me for money. He stated that he is combining his efforts with a organization called Rescue Nebraska that supposedly helps women who have been sex trafficked i.e. used for prostitution. Chad stated that he will be having the women work in his Sozo Cafe located in the GAME Building.
    1.) If he indeed cares about these women why is he calling there future presence out to other people. This seems wrong to me!
    2.) Why is he asking other people for money to do this? We all know that Chad uses any possible excuse to get money out of the pockets of anyone.
    3.) If you are a women who has contributed to this website or know any women that have you may wish to ask them if Mr. Peterson should be actively participating in helping women who have been sex trafficked, and who most likely have many many other problems and issues.
    Conclusion: If you believe that he should not be doing this do to a possible lack of character development etc, then I would suggest that you call this situation to the agencies in Omaha esp religious ones and provide them with this website, along with voicing your own personal experiences with Mr. Peterson.\

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