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Common Law Lien, Stops US Court Theft

Lien your own property so that if a US court tries to take it or sell it for any reason the bid must start at the lien amount. You can add 100s of thousand of liens to any property, for … Continue reading

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Churches should never go 501c3.

  Reasons To Unincorporate Your Church We learned a lot about incorporated churches from the judge in our school case. JUDGE OFF THE RECORD   While being housed in the County Jail on one ocassion during the time our church … Continue reading

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Tow Job, No Plates, License, Insurance, Jurisdiction Challenge

Re: NOTICE / Letter to the company that towed the subject automobile. Mailed 8-2-2011. From: Paul John Hansen, Lawyer / Counsel without the United States, 1548 N 19 Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68110, not a resident address. 402-541-6023 To: B and … Continue reading

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