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BANKS own more property than the people.

Dear Friend, For the first time in U.S. history the BANKS own more property than the people. Our greatest enemy is the INTERNATIONAL BANKING CARTEL.  There is no greater threat to your personal freedom than the privately owned corporations the … Continue reading

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How The Lawyers, Federal Courts, and the Omaha World Herald, Steal $84,000, and Destroy Reputations.

Look at the Dump they claim I made this man live in, (1547 N 19th Street, Omaha, Nebraska) oh they did not show any picture in the Weird Herald, but why? See above – This is what I started with, … Continue reading

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Makes you wonder what god is this country trusting?! Now how is it that the alleged “In God We Trust” country’s abortion policy lines up exactly with beacons of human rights like China and North Korea? Some surprises here: The … Continue reading

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Target Practice, Turns SWAT-TEAM County mans use of a small gun.

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Jurisdiction, Personal, Subject Matter

CIVIL PROCEDURES OUTLINE- FALL 2001  Three requirements for any lawsuit Authority to exercise personal jurisdiction Subject Matter jurisdiction over the matter Proper venue under the applicable statute Personal Jurisdiction- turns on the relationship between the defendant and the state where … Continue reading

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Arrested 4/9/09

4-9-10 Arrest, False Information, enhanced (audio link)        Arrested / Charged   4/9/09 16  Omaha Municipal Housing Code Charges. 02 Charges for Obstructing an Officer. 01 Charge of giving false information. 01 Charge of resisting arrest. The story starts 4-9-09, 9:00am, as I’m in Court against Wells Fargo … Continue reading

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Chad Peterson, Chad Michaels, aka, Excommunication, Christ Community Church,, Omaha, Nebraska

Matt 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Continue reading

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