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Paul J Hansens’ Win / Update

<p><p>A<strong>nother Abama prosecutor resigned after 7 years (ONE (1) day before my sentensing date, WHY??????. “We won”, thats why. The first win out of the Northern Federal District in 10 years for anyone. (Feds brag about their 98.5% convection rate … Continue reading

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Free Inhabitant v. State Citizen / US Citizen

45 minute, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, with Audio, by Paul John Hansen, Counsel / Lawyer Titled as:   Free Inhabitant One A 1. How to understand the basics of removing ones private property from the County Tax Roles. 2. How to avoid … Continue reading

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Arrested, Judge Gone Wild, Hansen’s Expired Tags

Rosman  < Click for Picture of Judge. ((Rosman, the first judge to marry homosexuals in Iowa.)) See why I was arrested, booked, bonded out for $450.00 to which I have now lost.  Looks like judicial robbery, some say. In … Continue reading

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Arrested, Paul John Hansen AGAIN

Arrested again 4/9/09 16 Charges of Housing Code Violations.   2  Charges for Obstructing an Officer.   1  Charge of Resisting Arrest.   1  Charge of giving false information. The story starts as I am in Court against soo Wells Fargo Bank, I … Continue reading

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Arrested 4/9/09

4-9-10 Arrest, False Information, enhanced (audio link)        Arrested / Charged   4/9/09 16  Omaha Municipal Housing Code Charges. 02 Charges for Obstructing an Officer. 01 Charge of giving false information. 01 Charge of resisting arrest. The story starts 4-9-09, 9:00am, as I’m in Court against Wells Fargo … Continue reading

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