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Inquiring Police STOP, Illegal._

Inquiring STOP, Illegal Does a law enforcement officer, either by statute or common law, have the authority or right to stop a motorist on the highways of the state of Washington, who has not committed a misdemeanor in the officer’s … Continue reading

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Constitutional Confusion? Which one in which court?_

What Constitution Should I Use? Using the Federal Constitution in state court is a bad for a Nebraskan. Only a 14th amendment citizen can use the Federal constitution, or Federal case opinions in state court.  The use of such is … Continue reading

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Caution, define state, State? Terms? Trickery at its best.

State Defined: Two separate and legal meanings Texas  vs.  White,   yr. 1862, US Supreme Court Small “s” consist of land people and government. Small “s” is a fiction created by the people. I am a part of the small … Continue reading

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Free Inhabitant v. the Constitutions

1. First Step in Removing private property from statutory property tax role. 2. How to stop all government intrusion by noticing the agent of his limitations based on the 4 Organic Laws of the USA. 3. How to stop a … Continue reading

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Challenging the IRS Lien with a 6203 assessment demand.

Understanding a Federal Tax Lien A federal tax lien is the government’s legal “claim” against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt. The lien is a “claim” that protects the government’s interest in all your … Continue reading

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