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Territorial Jurisdiction Brief, for Kent Hovind

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IRS, 6203, 4340 Caution, demand sworn originals.    < required documents must be sworn statements.   60 F.3d 834 76 A.F.T.R.2d 95-5587, 95-2 USTC P 50,413   NOTICE: Ninth Circuit Rule 36-3 provides that dispositions other than opinions or orders designated for publication are not … Continue reading

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IRS, Lie EXposed, One Juror Held out for the truth. The above site has great article and clip. My friend knew the family of Arron Russo who produced this film. Arron died of a vary rare cancer, this cancer just does not appear in families not accustomed to it, … Continue reading

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Territorial Jurisdiction, for Kent Hovind

Brief, USA v. Kent Hovind, Territorial Jurisdiction: Attorney Karl, my research shows that the USA (the Confederation) only has permission of jurisdiction “only” exclusively on land owned or ceded to it. US Constitution, Article I, Section 8, 17:  “To exercise … Continue reading

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TAX COURT, the trap, IRS

Tax Court is not nothing new on the horizon, we deal with it often. The thing to remember is that the US government is a for profit organization, more money is the primary goal, and they hate those who interfere … Continue reading

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How to vacate judges ORDERS, Dr. Fine, Attorney

Short Clip- Dr. Fine, an attorney, tells how to investigate any relationship between any judge and your opponent. Most county cases are going to have interaction with their judges to the extent that that judge can not hear cases … Continue reading

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Counsel vs. Self Representation, You can have it your way, by RIGHT

FIRST CINGRESS – Session1, Chapter 20, year of 1780, (sec. 35)   “AND BE IT FURTHER ENACTED, that in all the courts of the United Stats, the parties may plead and manage their own cause personally or by the assistance … Continue reading

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Illuminati / CFR / USA involvement.

Illuminati / CFR / USA involvement. Please listen to this 1967 recording by Myron Fagan.  He was the man who first broke the story about the Illuminati.  This stuff is beyond exceptional.  It is truly hard to believe that the … Continue reading

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Social Security Number / Association

((This Looks good, but I, Paul Hansen, have not reviewed thoroughly.) About the presumptions created by using the ssn (Social Security Number / Association) this is what I have found in the USC. ਍ഀ ਍ഀ  ਍ഀ ਍ഀApplication for ssn ਍ഀ … Continue reading

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