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USC and Stat at Large written law important conflict.

USC and Stat at Large written law important conflict. 12 US STAT 479 Person and Citizen abroad are require to file. v. Aliens here and Citizens abroad are required to file.

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IRS, self-assessment, Never Self Assess Yourself !!!

Hansen has not filed for sixteen years, IRS, or State refuses to get a legal claim. I have not filed since the year of 2000, that is when I cam to understand that the 1040 IRS Tax Form was a … Continue reading

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Title 26, IRS CODE, not a law, never was, never will be, it is an individual “CONTRACT”.

TITLE 26 IS NOT LAW The Internal Revenue Code defines a contract between the IRS and the individual. 26 USC 7806(b) says that Title 26 is not law, as we read “No inference, implication or presumption of legislative construction shall … Continue reading

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NOTICE by – Lien, Levy, IRS must follow…..

NOTICE – Lien, Levy, IRS must follow….. First it is all about NOTICE. IRS generally sends you two BILLS for a tax due, generally thirty days apart. Then, if you do not respond adequately in there opinion, they send a … Continue reading

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Making “Income” on US land is a claim for taxation by the US / IRS.

((( If you make income on land “of” the US they have a taxing claim. ))) What is the Federal Income Tax? by Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S. Counselor at Law, Federal Witness and Private Attorney General All Rights Reserved … Continue reading

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Challenging the IRS Lien with a 6203 assessment demand.

Understanding a Federal Tax Lien A federal tax lien is the government’s legal “claim” against your property when you neglect or fail to pay a tax debt. The lien is a “claim” that protects the government’s interest in all your … Continue reading

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6203 IRS Assessment Request, 50+ IRS Wins.

See how a simple letter demanding an assessment from the IRS has keep them away for more than 10 years even though I was making 15K$ each month. The letter was created by a lawyer (ED SHELL – deceased on … Continue reading

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Free Inhabitant v. State Citizen / US Citizen

45 minute, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, with Audio, by Paul John Hansen, Counsel / Lawyer Titled as:   Free Inhabitant One A 1. How to understand the basics of removing ones private property from the County Tax Roles. 2. How to avoid … Continue reading

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ARE YOU AN INDIVIDUAL that is subject to title 26, Income Tax US Code?

In your letter you state that you are concerned with the administration of Subtitle A—Income Taxes PART I—TAX ON INDIVIDUALS § 1 as it applies me and my private property, of a place called Missouri of the United States of … Continue reading

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IRS / Sheriff Sales / Authority ????

A Lawyer friend of mine who was an expert in IRS law purposely let his house sale at a “IRS / Sheriff sale, he sued for quiet title action, put IRS agent in the witness-stand and asked the following: Q1.  … Continue reading

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