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Man Files 100s of Suits without paying / AS PAUPER.

LINCOLN — It’s one thing to file hundreds of lawsuits on your own behalf. But when Billy Roy Tyler, a former inmate who proclaimed himself as “greatest writ-writer in the world,” started writing writs for others, the Nebraska Supreme Court … Continue reading

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City Codes, Statutes, Police, limited to City owned land.

Friend:   I stopped at my town’s ‘city hall’ to pay my utilities bill. I know all these women more or less because I frequently go into to pay utilities and cable. The woman I spoke with does not only work … Continue reading

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People waring against tyrany. The above site takes you a very interesting true story about how a Tennessee town took up arms to stop total city government corruption. It is a  good example of how true governance can and should be maintained at … Continue reading

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