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360 Jail Sentence, Appeal Brief, 60 pages

360 Day Jail Sentence Appeal to Nebraska Appeal Court, Brief, Composed by Paul John: Hansen.     (Word Document, parts are scrambled in transfer.) NO. A-10-000983                     (due  1-12-10) Gray IN THE NEBRASKA COURT OF APPEALS STATE OF NEBRASKA Plaintiff, Appellee vs. Paul … Continue reading

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IRS, NOTICE OF LEVY, Letter, Attorney

DR. EDUARDO M. RIVERA Attorney and Counselor at Law Admitted June 2, 1972 Cal Bar #52737 310-791-7480 PO Box 13887 Lomita, CA 90717-5387 Beverly J. Jones April 27, 1999 Manager-Retirement Records and Consulting The Boeing Company PO Box 3707 Seattle, … Continue reading

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Liberties vs. State Encroachment

“Where fundamental personal liberties are involved, they may not be abridged by the States simply on a showing that a regulatory statute has some rational relationship to the effectuation of a proper state purpose. Where there is a significant encroachment … Continue reading

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state (People) vs. State (STATE CORP.)

((People gather and hold a state (body politic). The state people then give permission to form a corporate State (STATE). The corporate State then gave permission to form a corporate Federal State (STATE) Government.)) Judge Napolitano stated:  “The preamble of … Continue reading

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13 Amendment, LOST?

I can not find any legal process that repealed this 13th Amendment. Close to 65% of our legislature would / should be barred from office due to their association with the BAR Association with is a British based entity, for … Continue reading

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