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Transported a sawed-off shotgun in interstate commerce. Territorial Jurisdiction Challenge – A MUST.  United States v. Miller (1939)  Facts of the case: An Arkansas federal district court charged Jack Miller and Frank Layton with violating the National Firearms Act of 1934 (“NFA”) when they transported a sawed-off double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun in interstate commerce. Miller and Layton argued that the … Continue reading

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Officer this is not a firearm, as a matter of law!

As a matter of written law a ‘firearm’ is specifically a sawed of shotgun with a barrel of less than 18″ and an overall length of 26″. Or a sawed of rifle with a barrel less that 16″ and an … Continue reading

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100.000 Connecticut gun owners defy new ‘assault weapon’ laws

What is most disturbing is that these gun owners do not know that such written law only applies to gun owners that reside on Federal owned land.  Now the district of Connecticut is only .4% (less than 1%) Federal Lands, … Continue reading

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Cops Confiscate Legal Guns Without Cause- Senator wants to help.

Charlie Janssen is a state senator in the Nebraska Legislature. On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 Douglas C wrote: Charlie concerning the Conceal Carry Laws in Nebraska vs Iowa. Senator Charlie I recently met a woman who was stopped by law … Continue reading

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US Officer tells how Federals plan to take “all” your guns.

Interview.  < Click to Watch. Watch ASAP, it will likely be taken down by the Federal Government. US Government Officer said that he was informed that within 46 to 60 days the Federal government was going to start confiscation of all fire arms … Continue reading

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Free Inhabitant v. State Citizen / US Citizen

45 minute, Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation, with Audio, by Paul John Hansen, Counsel / Lawyer Titled as:   Free Inhabitant One A 1. How to understand the basics of removing ones private property from the County Tax Roles. 2. How to avoid … Continue reading

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Gun, IRS, Why you should have one.

Dave Champions’ three clips talks of the devastation the IRS and other Government acts are, and how they are in violation of our freedom.  Dave also explains why owning a Gun (high powered rifle) increases the chance that we may … Continue reading

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Target Practice, Turns SWAT-TEAM County mans use of a small gun.

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