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Traffic, show me the law.

Traffic, show me the law. One of my associates (Bob) lived in a military camp and the neighboring small town cops were constantly using the new recruits as easy picking for the smallest traffic issues. The officer claimed Bob was driving … Continue reading

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Officer must see the accident to issue a citation.

((Most judges do not dismiss such cases, but they are overturned by the appellant courts. >>The moral (facts) of this story is that a US officer (administrator, [policy enforcer-police]) can not attest to something they did not personally witness, like an automobile … Continue reading

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Registration is why they tow your car.

Look at all the restrictions a tow company in California must abide by before they can tow, your state probably has the same. Look for the ((XXXX)) portion highlighted below. ((But never forget that territorial jurisdiction is a must for … Continue reading

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File an Appearance and then leave, Citation Goes Away

Two people have done this in California and the tickets went away. If that status changes I’ll post it hear. If you get a citation for any kind of code violation, here is a remedy that keeps you out of … Continue reading

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