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Practicing Law Without a License,

Practicing law without a license. >>> Interesting video on written law that forbids any state from limiting the practice of law, and the differences between a lawyer and an attorney.

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Corporations, Agents, Can not practice BAR/LAW without license.

Corporations, Agents, Can not practice without license.   Unger v. Landlords’ Management Corp., 168 A. 229 (N.J. Ct. of Ch. 1933 New Jersey Court of Chancery Filed: October 5th, 1933 Precedential Status: Precedential Citations: 168 A. 229, 114 N.J. Eq. 68 Docket Number: Unknown … Continue reading

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Witness Coaching State Prosecutors

Witness Coaching by Prosecutors   > See full article in > Pace Law Faculty Publications. ((The below is copied from a news article and some errors were created by the software.)) Bennett L. Gershman* Witness coaching has been described as the … Continue reading

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Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously

My question is why hasn’t an actuary, out of the thousands out there, run a test to see if Clinton associates death rates are normal, or 1000 times greater than other presidents. That is a big question of mine. Lawyer Hansen … Continue reading

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Subpoena, Summons, Constitutionally Correct

Subpoena, Summons, Constitutionally Correct: 17 F. 126 Circuit Court, D. Colorado. MANVILLE v. BATTLE MOUNTAIN SMELTING CO. June 27, 1883. Synopsis At Law.   West Headnotes (2) [1] Creditors’ Remedies Defects, objections, and amendment 108HCreditors’ Remedies 108HVIIParticular Remedies––Garnishment 108HVII(C)Proceedings 108HVII(C)4Parties, Process, … Continue reading

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