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IRS Liens and Levys   IRS-The Biggest Lie and Scam in World History   IRS-probably the three most frightening letters in the English language.    This deep-seated fear and loathing serves a very specific purpose.  It serves to keep the … Continue reading

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IRS, Lie EXposed, One Juror Held out for the truth. The above site has great article and clip. My friend knew the family of Arron Russo who produced this film. Arron died of a vary rare cancer, this cancer just does not appear in families not accustomed to it, … Continue reading

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TAX COURT, the trap, IRS

Tax Court is not nothing new on the horizon, we deal with it often. The thing to remember is that the US government is a for profit organization, more money is the primary goal, and they hate those who interfere … Continue reading

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IRS, failing to file, (How to avoid.)

This attorney teaches how you can never be charged with failing to file/comply. I cannot be prosecuted for failing to file a tax return if I have a good faith belief that the tax laws do not apply to … Continue reading

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Gun, IRS, Why you should have one.

Dave Champions’ three clips talks of the devastation the IRS and other Government acts are, and how they are in violation of our freedom.  Dave also explains why owning a Gun (high powered rifle) increases the chance that we may … Continue reading

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IRS, NOTICE OF LEVY, Letter, Attorney

DR. EDUARDO M. RIVERA Attorney and Counselor at Law Admitted June 2, 1972 Cal Bar #52737 310-791-7480 PO Box 13887 Lomita, CA 90717-5387 Beverly J. Jones April 27, 1999 Manager-Retirement Records and Consulting The Boeing Company PO Box 3707 Seattle, … Continue reading

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IRS 6203, killer questions. NOTE THE IRS AGENT MUST ANSWER SUCH QUESTIONS, YOU can NOT, and expect to win. Always take a recorder with you when in an administrative hearing, and never ever set your recorder beside their equipment.  The … Continue reading

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The IRS CODE says that if the IRS wants to make a allegation that a tax is owed they must put it in writing, IF demanded by you, and then they must sign it. One “X” IRS agent said; “95% … Continue reading

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