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ARE YOU AN INDIVIDUAL that is subject to title 26, Income Tax US Code?

In your letter you state that you are concerned with the administration of Subtitle A—Income Taxes PART I—TAX ON INDIVIDUALS § 1 as it applies me and my private property, of a place called Missouri of the United States of … Continue reading

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Jurisdictionary® , INFO, strongly recomended.

Jurisdictionary® The above legal information is one you should strongly consider.  If you are in, or like most all Americans, going to be in a legal battle you need to know the procedures of all US Courts, from County on … Continue reading

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Common Law, How to Implement this Court of Record.

“Custom and usage since time immemorial” is generally what is behind the definition of common law. There is no singular source of the common law as one would expect with statutes made by a legislature. Having said that, consider also … Continue reading

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