RV Plates, South Dakota tags, easy as pie, be a traveler.

Many people travel with RVs and do not wish to fight the DMV in every state on vacation, this is a good alternative.

I believe that the original state DMV written laws have a perpetual plate they can give you at no cost, I’ll investigate that more in the future, for now this is an workable program.

It is a forced registration so one can always argue that such force removes any claim of ownership by the state through general registration practices.


South Dakota tags, easy as pie, be a traveler:

The way the gal explains it is, South Dakota is an “open state.” They don’t care if you’re a resident, a Martian, or from Timbuktu. You don’t need a South Dakota address or a South Dakota driver license. It doesn’t matter to them. Use your current home address, business address, whatever. Just call the treasurer’s office, tell them what you want to register and they’ll give you the price and instructions on paperwork. Get the pdf paperwork online, fill it in with Adobe Reader, print it out and send it in. If it’s a motor-home they’ll want the official factory shipping weight or weigh it on truck scales. They consider motor-homes to be non-commercial trucks. You can get a new title without the vehicle ever entering South Dakota…no inspection. It’s pretty simple and painless.


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Protected: Sheriff has legal duty to enforce the ‘statutory written law’, and the ‘common law’.

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Protected: Federals Destroyed, Air Rifle Prosecution Failed

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‘Federal Tax Liens’ expire every 7 years.

Notice that on the below it gives a date that the lien automatically expires. Filling good only for seven (7) years.

As soon as you get one of these we can supply you with an inexpensive administrative process to force the man that filed it to have it removed.  See/Click > M1S-65

Read the boxed in area on the attached document.

State Property Taxes only applies by general law on land that is owned by the United States, it is a type of user fee, tenant rent, an undisclosed scam.

We remove property from the ‘taxable roles’ at the counties assessors office.


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Credit Card National Precedent, Arbitration Slam, Hansen Wins.

National Precedent, Credit Cards associated with an arbitration judgment.

Paul John Hansen gets a national precedent against a National Credit Card Company.

One of the biggest credit card companies in the Worlds, with the best lawyers on Earth.

This plow boy beat them in the highest court in the State of Nebraska.

If you have a credit card case dealing with any form of arbitration issues I can likely win the case for you. I have not lost a case in twenty years, not one.

Beat them with the right challenges before the court even starts.

Order M1S-73 if it is an arbitration issue. (Click > MS10073)

Or better yet just pay a few dollars for counseling to help assure your win.

I guarantee a win or your money back.




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For future use.

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Client Notice.

To all Clients: If you are missing any products in our ‘Shared Dropbox‘, or believe they may not be ‘updated, email me and we will refresh the account to assure you have the latest versions of your ordered products. To follow only “my” law postings send me an invite to “Paul Severe, Omaha, NE” by Facebook.

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Contracts, General INFO

PDF > 01 contracts_bar

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OMB control numbers, Defense, IRS

SEE > OMB control numbers


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Arrest, Imprisonment, False – False Arrest

A Treatise On Arrests And False Imprisonment [< PDF]                                        (searchable as > False Arrest)

6-7-2017 – I, Paul Hansen has not read this document in its entirety as of this date due to time restraints, so I cannot endorse it yet. Will likely read soon.

Email me if you see error in the document, or have good info to add to this site.


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