Cops Confiscate Legal Guns Without Cause- Senator wants to help.

Charlie Janssen is a state senator in the Nebraska Legislature.

On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 Douglas C wrote:
Charlie concerning the Conceal Carry Laws in Nebraska vs Iowa.

Senator Charlie I recently met a woman who was stopped by law enforcement in Nebraska and she was startled by the stop and forgot to tell the officer immediately that she had a conceal carry permit. The woman’s $600.00 gun was taken away and she was charged a violation. Charlie I imagine this happens frequently in Nebraska and it is “wrong”.

I can remember that when I was about 14 we were headed west of 222nd and Dodge Street on a pheasant hunting trip in the dark on a early Saturday morning. Charlie my Dad must have let the station wagon roll down that long hill to the Elkhorn River bottom and he was stopped and given a speeding ticket. It was the only ticket Dad got in his entire life and his hands shook so bad he couldn’t hardly get his drivers license out of his billfold. I am sure he would have forgot to tell the officer every thing.

The Officer knows when he run’s plates that the operator of the vehicle has a conceal carry permit and then the Nebraska law requires the operator to tell him again and it has to be the very first words out of the persons mouth.

Charlie this “Law” needs to be changed to match the Conceal Carry Laws of Iowa………….. Charlie check it out……….. you are not required to tell the officer who stops you that you have a Conceal Carry Permit, in Iowa.

Charlie telling an officer that a person has a Conceal Carry Permit can also open up another completely different can of worms in general.

Douglas C, Omaha, NE

Charlie the woman said she just hesitated for a minute and one half and didn’t even think about it at first because she was surprised that she was stopped. The gun was worth $550.00 and she will not be getting it back and she has a violation on her record so she no longer can legally “carry” to defend herself and her family. Iowa does not require people to “tell” an office when they are stopped.

Douglas – I’d be glad to have my office (Nebraska Senator) investigate your friend’s situation and see if we are able to help her get her firearm back. I’m not as familiar with Iowa statutes as Nebraska statutes, but if the woman rectified her situation within 90 seconds, it would be unfortunate that a police officer would confiscate her firearm, cite her for violating Neb. Rev. Stat. 69-2440, a prosecutor file charges for violating Neb. Rev. Stat. 69-2440, and a judge or jury convict her of the Class III misdemeanor provided for under Neb. Rev. Stat. 69-2443. Again, I’d be glad to see if I can offer your friend assistance. Please let her know that she is welcome to contact me at this email address or by phone at 402.471.2625. Charlie

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