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Coconut Oil, well researched – proved to be VERY healthy. Continue reading

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History Time-Line

Fourteen (14) Presidents before George Washington, 3 served as English Colonies Continental Congress, the 11 states united, the Confederacy. Peyton Randolph of Virginia, Served Continental Congress as president twice, from September 5, 1774 to October 21, and then again for a … Continue reading

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Tax Case, Property, Admission

Challenging Property tax issues of a Tax Certificate Sale Forclosure. Continue reading

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Credit Card Agreements

Nebr. Rev. Statute 45-1,113 Agreement must be signed!  Bank must hold original signed document if challenged.

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Audio Archives

John Collins Show soon to be posted.

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Child and Family Services SCAM

As the Bible says, if you don’t work, you don’t eat. This freeloading must stop. >Welfare Scams, This is one more reason to get out and vote on Nov 2, 2010. >Please forward to all of your friends and tell … Continue reading

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Foreclosure, Sheriff Candidate Brief, NM

((I do not agree with all of the below but many main points are correct based on my (Paul-John) research over the years.)) Moratorium on Mortgage Foreclosures The Constitution for the united States of America is the Supreme Law of the … Continue reading

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GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF GEORGIA, Right to Travel Act As of today the bill has had a second reading on 01-13-2010 I tracked down Georgia HB 875 Right To Travel.  It died in Committee after a second reading and will have to be reintroduced after Nov 15, 2010. … Continue reading

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THE SHERIFF – MORE POWER THAN THE PRESIDENT >> County Sheriff Handbook: Comment by Hansen > the problem that I see with the above is that it is not based on congressional law, or court president, for … Continue reading

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IRS 6203, killer questions. NOTE THE IRS AGENT MUST ANSWER SUCH QUESTIONS, YOU can NOT, and expect to win. Always take a recorder with you when in an administrative hearing, and never ever set your recorder beside their equipment.  The … Continue reading

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