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Words of Wisdom, Old sayings.

Pearls of Wisdom/Notable Quotes/Words of Wisdom/Old sayings. [[[ When a man considers the consequences before doing that which is right, he has already accepted a bribe. ]]]  – Paul Hansen 2007 145. We are ignorant of things we choose to … Continue reading

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Constitution(s), Proof all 4 are in USC, Pictures

Slide 1 Organic Laws of the United States of America, all are active. Showing they are in Title 1, GPO version, USC Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Listed on this page is:                                   1. Declaration of Indippendance.                   2. Articles of … Continue reading

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Gun, IRS, Why you should have one.

Dave Champions’ three clips talks of the devastation the IRS and other Government acts are, and how they are in violation of our freedom.  Dave also explains why owning a Gun (high powered rifle) increases the chance that we may … Continue reading

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Jurisdiction -citizens, nationals or residents

The case below shows how not rebutting “citizen”, “national” or “resident” of the US can give jurisdiction. People are most often NOT US  citizens, nationals or residents therefore are not subject to many laws specific to the US jurisdiction (Land … Continue reading

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Text Reader, Anonymous Announcements FREE This is pretty cool, it is a small download, you can cut and past books to it and it will read to your students, or any application such as reading to you as you travel.  Just down load … Continue reading

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Child Support, Jurisdiction

Marriage License Contract General Law NO Debtors Prison Constitutionally Bared Government Regulated Jurisdiction Common Law Ollie says; “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten us into! You are summons to appear for a child support hearing. Four people are brought … Continue reading

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Trespass v.Trespassing, legal distinction. < another great sign. Consider “KEEP OUT”, “KEEP OFF”.        (Note> put non-statutory signs up also, see below.)  A law student said there was a legal distinction, (My first thought is that it can not be true.) seeing is believing, … Continue reading

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US Raping Western Asia, and others, crimes untold, are we funding an evil tyrant.

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Federal Reserve Clip #1.

Federal Reserve-               Clip #1 >>

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