City Codes, Statutes, Police, limited to City owned land.

Friend:   I stopped at my town’s ‘city hall’ to pay my utilities bill. I know all these women more or less because I frequently go into to pay utilities and cable. The woman I spoke with does not only work at the counter but also with a woman somewhat higher in the hierarchy who creates the *CAFR reports for the city’s investments. Last year while casually discussing CAFR reports with yet another woman there, the CAFR lady came over and talked with me and was so surprised that I knew about them that she gave me the current one (at that time) saying, it usually costs such and such but you can have it for free.
(*Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
Well, back to the story. With the lady I was talking with today I explained why I was canceling the cable modem account for my office… because ATT gave me a better deal that cut half the cost. But in the context of the conversation I mentioned that it was interesting how the city functioned in commerce and that the CAFR accounts were one of evidences of that. She was quite pleasant and responded, “yes, that’s true.” And I stated that according the Clearfield doctrine, a municipal corporation devolves to the status of a private company when it operates in commerce. She agreed that was indeed the case that xxxxxxxxx city government was a private company. So I said something to the effect that it was my understanding that as a private company, CITY OF xxxxxxxxx really only had jurisdiction over property that it actually owned. And she readily agreed with that as well, stating, “That’s true.” So I kind of asserted/queried that the city government really had no authority to enforce any rules or local laws over the people living there who were not on its property. And she looked up at me and made a motion with her arm that kind of encompassed or pointed towards the people ‘out there’ and stated, “But you see, they don’t know that.” And we both laughed as if it were a sort of private joke.

So as I rode away on my Triumph Thunderbird to get it inspected this morning in order to register it (yet another of the endless series of adhesion contracts with the ‘private’ corporation), I began to think of the myriad of fraudulent processes (rules, regulations, registrations, licenses ) and subsequent illusory control they are able to impose upon folk by keeping the people ignorant, implicitly or explicitly fearful, and dumbed down. Along the lines in which the illusion you believe becomes real for you. Since their enforcers (police) are willing believers… the private (fake) government can compel them to act unlawfully as the enforcement arm, reinforcing in the citizens through intimidation, that illusion. I know this isn’t news to you but it both amazes me and saddens me whenever circumstances retrieve that understanding again into my consciousness. IF the courts were at all just, all of this would be easy to beat. Whether at the city government level all the way up through the Federals. Which kind of underscores my growing sense that ‘state’ court is best avoided at all costs unless -perhaps-  the battle is taken to them (being the plaintiff is better than being the defendant) and even then, the game is rigged…  unless -perhaps- (again) there were a way to truly compel them to operate in common law where they would have to show they were a ‘party’ with standing or damage … which, of course they cannot…..
-Astute Person-

So City limits is only land owned by the City.

Always as a Police officer (under direct examination by subpoena duces tecum), does your employer own the land where the claimed violation tole place?

Where do you derive your authority to impose City written law on land not owned by the City?  (Same goes for ‘state’ land.)

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