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Posted 12-07-2017 by Paul John Hansen, Omaha, NE –

I have worked with Glenn, or should I say tried to work with Glen Stoll for the last ten (ten) years, or thereabouts.

I sent Glenn a customer associated with a Federal Court case, he took her $12K retainer payment, gave her a history lesson, did next to nothing to aid in her defense like he said he would or could, filed one demur, then dropped her, she went to jail for some simple lien stuff, Glenn refuses to even send her an accounting of the hours that he claimed took all the $12K. It took her 4 years to save that money and be took it and gave nothing in return for it. I told her to contact his church and try to get most of it back.

Run from him, save your money, he is like a toy train all toot but no go.

For my sending him the client he said he would set up a simple trust for me, he did, sent me a few papers, I put some property in it, he refused to finish the trust documents, now I have a property (house) that was lost due to his nonresponse.

That is right. He has numbers, emails, secretaries, he even gave me his wife’s number so I could contact him in an emergency. Guess what after 2 years of calling and emailing and leaving messages, he did not even give a toot.

He was a TRUST aid that can not be trusted, and to boot gave little aid, just quick to take your money. I contacted one man that gave him $14K when he asked for it back Glen said he spent it and there is nothing to give him, lost the whole thing. Another man gave him $175K to set up a trust, he lost the money and the ranch also. It was real, real, bad. I told Glenn I have the knowledge to get it back under the ‘common law’, He did not even bother to call me back.

I think the man has serious mental issues.

If you have business with him I recommend you get all the trust papers from him, he can not be trusted to pull through when the time comes.

The nicest guy you will ever meet until you want to be done, what he said he would do, after you gave him all your money.

You can call him and say you will drown in a week and he will not even call you back, nor will his secretary, nor will his wife, unless you are a new client that is considering giving him 5 or 6 thousand of your last dollars.

If you have lost thousands with this man send me your story and I consider posting it here.

Glenn Stoll’s picture above, his business contacts below.

16910 – 59th Avenue NE, Administrative Church Counsel,
Suite 210
Arlington, Washington 98223

Phone: 425-673-7762
Fax: 425-329-4748



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