Bank Must Have Promissory Note

Inflation, why before the Federal Reserve System there was virtually no inflation (money keep its buying power)? Why is it that you can not get any real return on your
money in the bank? Bank pays you 1.5%, and inflation is 3.5%, so you get a net loss on your money of 2%, wow, (save save save, until it is worthless) why it would seem almost best to spend it instead of invest it.
Why do banks tell me they do not need depositors money anymore? Why do bank tell me that banking is very profitable? Why did the US
Supreme court say that a bank cannot lend [it’s] credit?
Why do banks destroy all the evidence that you used there credit card? Why do the big banks ‘always‘ sell there ‘written off bad debt’ to debt collectors (lawyers)? Why do bank presidents start, shaking and crying in the witness stand when you ask them if they have any evidence of receiving permission to lend bank credit (created computer entry credits $)? Why do debt collectors (lawyers) dismiss there case when one challenges ‘standing’ (Do you, lawyer dude have
evidence of a client?).
Why are the big banks buying so many of the small banks? Why do the banks say they lost your original ink signed promissory note (negotiable instrument) when you demand to see it? Why is most everyone in debt to some extent to a credit card issuing national bank. Why have presidents in the past (before 1933) vehemently opposed Central Banks. Why not challenge the debt collector for the alleged client (national bank) and walk away not owing a dime because, fraud vitiates (voids) all contracts.

Imagine that you call your banker before the judge and offer to pay the mortgage/promissory note/negotiable instrument off if they present the ‘original’ held by the bank. So the banker shows up under subpoena ‘duces tecum’, instructed to bring the alleged note in factual possession.
Banker takes the stand and you make the offer to pay with the presentment of the original “blue ink” signed note you allegedly gave the bank.
Banker said sure, but the notes never leaves the bank.
You turn to the Judge and say; “I’ll drive, lets go to the Bank”.
Banker turns beet red.
Judge goes, that would greatly shorten this trial, lets go.
Banker is so happy he is wearing black pants.
We arrive at the Bank and the Judge says OK you said; “The Note is at this bank”.
Banker goes and comes back and says we can’t seem to find it right now.
Judge turns to Banker’s Lawyer and says; “Council in my chambers in 20 minutes”.
Judge says to you, the house is yours and the record will reflect that there is no evidence of an outstanding loan against the property.
Bank was alleging they had a $175K outstanding promissory note.

UCC (Universal Commercial Code) To prove existence of a note one must prove possession at time of claim.  No possession no claim.

The above is a true story in Nebraska.
You see this Bank sold the note for possibly 10 cents on the dollar and then fraudulently keep collecting on an instrument they no longer legally had in there possession.  Now also very interesting is that the party (Bank) that purchased the Note only uses it as collateral on there books and promises never to collect on it.
Banking fraud is very profitable.

Author is unknown or probably dead because the BIG Banks are not going to let this get out.

Some say if everyone did that the whole system would fall.  I say the whole system has fallen you can only get 1.5% interest for your money and average inflation is over 3.5% per year and much more on some items.  The banks would fall, people would come to you and ask to borrow money, and you could then retire on its revenue.


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