Doug Sanford, Omaha, Nebraska, Jim Sanford

Doug Sanford and his Father Jim Sanford should repent and pay what he and his fancy lawyer, probably one of the judge’s sons, took from me by what I can only call deceit and fraud.

See Picture of Doug >

I hire a church friend named Doug Sanford, Omaha, Nebraska.

Paid him by the hour, at $8.00, for unsupervised general labor on my rental properties.

He worked at 1/2 speed so 1/2 pay was acceptable to him.

Rented to him for $300.00 per month all utilities paid.

Doug got behind on rent in the amount of $3,600.00.  Promising he would pay me eventually.  Each week Doug and I sat before the computer spread-sheet and made sure the billings and hours for rent and labor were correct.

Doug then rented a house from me for $250.00 per month, he paid his own utilities.

Doug and I had an agreement that he could work on the $250.00 house and keep track of the hours so that they would cancel out the rent owed me on that same house alone.

Doug put in new cabinets, assuring me that I was not being charged but that it was going to the rent he owed me for 16 months of rent at $250.00.

One day I get a bill for a $298.00 nail gun that Doug charged to my account, I was angry, he promised to pay me, Doug never had permission to purchase tools in my account.

Doug moves out with out even telling me, no letter, refusing my phone calls.

One year later I get a bill from his father for the cabinets, his father claimed I personally told him to put in the cabinets and that we agreed on a price.  I never talked to him about ever paying any $1,790.00 for any cabinets, we did talk about his son putting them in for owing me on back rent, he was systematically lying.

Two and a half years latter I get a labor bill from Doug at $31.00 per hour for work he claimed I did not pay him for, mostly for work he claimed on the $250.00 rent house.

Much of the work was associated to a new floor in the kitchen and bathroom, now this is where it really gets weird.  Doug put ½ drywall as the sub flooring, with 1/16 cheep tile glued on top of it in the bathroom and the kitchen. Oh what a mess, it just fell apart soon after he moved out, just crumbled to nothing.  Also he put in pluming that did not even come close to being compliant to code.  SEE the court response I put in below.

I am writing this because Doug took me to Court, and the judges gave him and his father the award, and the judge added that I do not get my rent because I never demanded it from Doug, even though I testified that Doug was shown every week what he was to pay me, and it was understood that certain work was going for it.

Doug took me for more than $5,000.00, his Dad stole $1,790.00.

Doug did not pay me for back rent, took the nail gun, and then charged me exorbitant rates again for work done, that work was, if anything was to go to rent.

I strongly recommend that you not trust or do business with men like this.




DOUG SANFORD, DOC. 1045  PAGE 808  )

Plaintiff, and Defendant on Counter Claim  )



Paul John Hansen)

Defendant. and Plaintiff on Counter Claim )

COMES NOW, Hansen, Defendant, and motions this court to vacate this case for constitutional due process violations on the record.  Pertaining to constitutional ˜meaningful time and meaningful manner of access to this captioned court.

Did not consider accounting ledger as a billing tords Plaintiff.

Would not allow Hansen to testify as to the non-availability of Hansen ˜demand letters for payment sent to Sanford that was not available, to Hansen, at the trial.

This Brief is presented to support Defendant’s challenge to Plaintiff’s Complaint,

point for point.

Hereinafter “Sanford” shall mean Doug Sanford, as Plaintiff.

Hereinafter “Hansen” shall mean Paul Hansen, as Defendant.

NOTICE  — [  ] < numbers in box apprentices is a direct challenge to a specific paragraph in Plaintiff’s original Complaint. (Example [3] < pertains to paragraph three in Plaintiffâ’s Complaint.)

NOTE “ 1548 N 19th Street is the same house as 1548 Florence BLVD.

NOTE – Numbering identifier is on the left side of the page (red pin) on many of the exhibits with several pages included.

  1. Sanford lived at Hansen’s house at 1548 N 19th Street, Omaha, from approximately September 11, 2000 to November 2001.  See EXHIBIT page 17 marked as EX ” __” also.

See EXHIBIT “2” page 2 of 5, par. 7.

  1. [3] Sanford was paid weekly at a rate of $8.00 per hour for his intermittent services to Hansen. See EXHIBIT “€” page 1 of 5, par. 4.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 29, par. 21.  <Sanford denies a base pay of $8.00 per hour.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 49,  par. 20.  < Sanford admits a base pay of $8.00 per hour.

  1. [3] Sanford at various times worked for Hansen and Sanford had his own construction ventures as he worked for Hansen during this time that Sanford lived in 1548 N 19 house.
  2. Sanford was paid weekly by directly check payments and cash payments from Hansen and also at times applied such compensation directly to moneys due to Hansen for rents and his percentage of utilities and various miscellaneous expenses that accumulated as he was in 1548 N 19 Street House.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 24, par. 2.  Sanford admits paying some rents with labor exchange.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 25, par. 4 and 5 and 6.  Also page 26, par. 7, 8 and 9.

  1. Sanford was paying $300.00 monthly rent for living in 1548 N 19 house per month.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 9, par. 2.  Denies $300.00 was the monthly rent at 1548 N 19.

See EXHIBIT “1”, page 5.  Sanford admits to owing 12.5 months at $300.00 per month at 1548 N 19th Street.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 10, par. 6.  Sanford admits he has not paid past Hansen for rents.

  1. Sanford, also, was to pay Hansen his share of utilities and miscellaneous expense as was agreed to at 1548 N 19 property.

See EXHIBIT “€”. Sanford signed a copy of a billing from Hansen on or about March 2001.

See EXHIBIT “€”.  Billing that Sanford signed.

See EXHIBIT “€” page 9, par. 3.  Sanford admits to sharing the cost of utilities at 1548 N 19.

  1. Sanford moved out the last day of November 2001 from 1548 N 19 with an amount due and owing to Hansen of $3613.08.

Sanford then immediately moved into Hansen’s property of 3202 Seward with rent starting on December 01, 2001. See EXHIBIT “€”, par. 7.

  1. Sanford agreed to pay Hansen $250.00 for a monthly rent at 3202 Seward.

See EXHIBIT “€”, par. 1.

See EXHIBIT “€”, par. 1 and page 3.

See EXHIBIT “€”, par.1 and page 3.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 15, par. 32.  Sanford denies agreement to pay $250.00 per month.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 34, par. 7.  Sanford denies that letter dated 6-22-03 which is now Exhibit “€”, is an agreement for rent at Seward.

  1. Sanford did unsupervised work on 3202 Seward as he lived at the property.
  2. [4] [6] Sanford entered into a rental agreement of $250.00 per month at 3202 Seward property and Sanford was to do work on the house that was to be applied to the back rents owed to Hansen. See EXHIBIT “€”, page 7.  Sanford agreeing to pay 16 months rent at $250.00.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 11, par. 12.  Sanford denies any agreement to pay $250.00 rent at Seward.

  1. Sanford made no payments as to rents or utilities to Hansen upon moving out of 1548 N 19th Street House.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 10, par. 6.  Sanford admitted not paying rent for 1548 N 19.

  1. [3] Sanford worked for Hansen and had his own (Sanford’s) construction ventures running at the same time that Sanford worked for Hansen during the time that Sanford lived in 1548 N 19 and 3202 Seward Houses.
  2. Sanford had MUD and OPPD utilities at the 3202 Seward property in Sanford’s name at all times as he lived there.
  3. Sanford lived at 3202 Seward for 16 months and moved out on the date of March 31, 2003.
  4. Sanford moved out of Hansen’s 3202 Seward property without any notice to Hansen.
  5. Sanford purchased a pneumatic (air) nail gun, valued at $298.23 with Hansen’s credit with out Hansen’s permission on February 12, 2000.
  6. Sanford took Hansen’s pneumatic (air) nail gun, valued at $298.23, with Sanford when he moved out of the Seward property.
  7. Sanford wrote a letter to Hansen (dated June-6-2003) asking to settle up bill for past rents to 1548 N 19 & 3202 Seward property.
  8. Hansen sent Sanford a copy (mid June 2003) of the balance remaining at the 1548 N 19 House and advised Sanford to add 3202 Seward rents to the same.

See EXHIBIT “€”, par.1. < admitted to general expenses from 1548 Florence BLVD.

  1. Sanford first bill (dated June-22-2003), 3 months after he quit working for Hansen and also moved out of 3202 Seward property, Sanford sent to Hansen, at a rate of $20.00 per hour, billing of unsupervised labor and purchases on 3213 N 24 Street property and 3202 Seward.
  2. [14] Hansen disputed Sanford’s billing by a letter dated July 30-2003.

See EXHIBIT “€”, see highlighted portions.

  1. Sanford second (adjusted) bill (dated August 18, 2003), 5 months after Sanford quit working for Hansen and also moved out of 3202 Seward property, Sanford sent to Hansen, at a rate of $31.00 per hour, billing of unsupervised labor and purchases on 3213 N 24 Street property and 3202 Seward.
  2. [12] Sanford has chosen to take it upon himself to change his hourly wages of $8.00 to $20.00 and then again to $31.00 per hour. Note that in no place in Sanford’s pleadings does he say anything about an agreement for wages other than the admission of $8.00 per hour.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 49, par. 19.  Sanford admits no agreement for Seward hourly wage.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 50, par. 23 d e. Sanford claims he got $20.00 per hour for other jobs but had no evidence to offer who the clients were.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 50, par. 24.  Sanford claim he has worked for Tracey Drywall Construction 1.5 years.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 50, par. 25. Sanford claims he was paid $13.00 per hour and $50.00 per hour for his own construction business.

  1. [14] Hansen again disputed Sanford’s billing by a letter dated some time in August 2003.
  2. Hansen gave Sanford full print outs of funds due from the 1548 N 19 Street property on a monthly bases, or when ever Sanford asked for a copy. Sanford signed such a print out dated March 1, 2001.
  3. Hansen did not know that his (Hansen’s) pneumatic air gun was in the possession of the Sanford at the time that Sanford moved out of 3202 Seward.
  4. Sanford admits to purchasing said nail gun with Hansen’s credit. See EXHIBIT “€”, page 10, par. 7.
  5. Sanford admits he had no permission to make said nail gun purchase. See EXHIBI “€”, page 10, par. 8.
  6. Sanford admits he had no permission to take said nail gun when moving out. See EXHIBIT “€”, page 11, par. 9.
  7. [11] Sanford’s took it upon himself to remove, functioning existing plumbing, and install his own version of plumbing, as he was living in the 3202 Seward house, the work that was preformed on 3202 Seward, as with plumbing, is a catastrophe and needs to be removed and replaced under code at the estimated cost of $2,160.00.

See EXHIBIT “€”.  Hot water heater not code.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 13, par. 19.  Admits to doing the plumbing work.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 12, par. 14.  Admits he had no permission to do regulated repairs.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 3.

  1. [11] Sanford took it upon himself to lay down a bathroom and kitchen floor with inferior products for his own personal living benefit that also ended in a catastrophe, and also needs to be removed and replaced under code at the estimated cost of $1,968.00.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 1 and 2.

  1. Sanford denies using ½ inch drywall on floor.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 14, par. 25.  Sanford admits to laying the floor down.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 14, par. 26.  Sanford denies laying down drywall for the floor.

See EXHIBIT “24”, page 28, par. 18.  Sanford denies laying down ½ inch drywall for the floor.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 48, par. 17.  Sanford claims that the flooring was cement board. Note Sanford is at this time working full time for a drywall company “Tract Drywall”.  Yet he does not know the difference between drywall and cement board?

  1. Sanford admits that he did work on the Seward property that required a license.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 12, par. 14.

See EXHIBIT “€”, page 12, par. 17.

  1. Sanford therefore owes Hansen for the following:
  1. 1548 N 19 Rents, Utilities, and miscellaneous expenses. — $3613.08.
  2. 3202 Seward Rent.                                                                 — $4000.00
  3. New pneumatic air gun.                                                         — $ 298.23
  4. 3202 Seward removal and replacement of the kitchen floor.  — $1540.00
  5. 3202 Seward removal and replacement of the bathroom floor.  — $ 428.00
  6. 3202 Seward removal and replacement of the plumbing system. — $2160.00
  1. Sanford only possible work done on 3202 Seward property that was beyond the normal activities of a tenant would be the flooring and the plumbing, to which, is work that needs to be removed and replacement in its entirety, at a greater cost than if the tenant would have not attempted to do the work himself apart from any aid of an professional or skilled individual.
  2. Sanford charges to the Hansen for the above, plumbing and flooring, work is not justifiable for Sanford’s complete failure to perform code standard results, and even led to questionable fraud and deception.  [ pretense of a sub-floor, pretense of pluming venting ]
  3. [15] No home sale agreement was ever created that comprised of offer, acceptance, consideration, nor is any evidence of such an agreement in writing.
  4. The assessed value of 3202 Seward as of February 01, 2001 was $13,300.00.

See EXHIBIT “15”.  See EXHIBIT “€”.

  1. Hansen made purchases for improvements to 3213 N 24.

See EXHIBIT “17” and “18” and “19”.

See EXHIBIT “23”, par.  Fox Hill Custom Cabinets alleged valued at $1,790.00.

Note – cabinets where not ordered by Hansen but by Sanford, Hansen explicitly said to Sanford; “The currant cabinets are fine any improved models are to be for your own enjoyment and the cost to be covered by you (Sanford).”

39. Due in part to Sanford’s poor workmanship the House is scheduled for demolition by the Omaha Planning Department.  See EXHIBIT “22”, page 2, par.3c, and page 10, page 13, page 22, page 30, page 31, Dated May 7, 2007  _________________

Paul John Hansen

1548 N 19th Street

402-671-0526  Omaha, Nebraska, 68110



The undersigned hereby certifies that the two (7 page) Master trial – BRIEFS, dated May 7, 2007, as associated with the above captioned case, was served by hand, on the following parties, on this day of May 8, 2007 :

Joseph S. Risko

P.O. Box 241358

8742 Frederick Street

Omaha, NE 68124-5358


Paul John Hansen

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