City Prosecutors Retire When Challenged

Martin Conboy head Prosecutor Douglas County, Nebraska of 29 years retires the same hour that I subpoenaed him to testify as to territorial jurisdiction, and where is the oath or affirmation in support of the warrant.  He failed to appear and the judge supported him.

The Assistant Prosecutor Michael Getty retires after 18 years when I challenge him on the same questions.

They have been issuing warrants with no sworn statements in the official record for years, this is a constitutional violation (4th Amendment) and they are liable in their personal capacity.  Pay back time is soon to come.  You can run but not hide forever.

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About Paul John Hansen

Paul John Hansen -Foremost I love the Lord, His written Word, and the Elect Family of God. -My income is primarily derived from rental properties, legal counsel fees, selling PowerPoint presentations. -I am a serious student of territorial specific law, and constitutional limitations of the US and STATE Governments. -I have been in court over 250 times. -I have received numerous death threats that appear as to come from NEBRASKA STATE agents. -I have been arrested an estimated 8 times. Always bogus false warrants, misdemeanor charges. (Mostly Municipal Housing Codes, or related acts.) -I file no Federal Income Taxes (1040 Form) since the year 2001. (No filings in any form.) -I pay no State income taxes. -I do not pay STATE sales tax on major purchases. -I pay no COUNTY property taxes with out a judicial challenge. ( I believe I have discovered a filing for record process that takes my land off the tax roles. ) -I currently use no State drivers license, carry no vehicle liability insurance, do not register my automobiles. -I do not register to vote for any representatives. -I am a 'free inhabitant' pursuant to Article 4 of The Articles of Confederation. (Not a US citizen.) -I am subject to the Church jurisdiction, and a strong advocate of full ecclesiastical independence from the United States jurisdiction. -I believe in full support of the perpetual Union as found in the Articles of Confederation. -I believe that a free inhabitant has the lawful standing to choose to live independent of the constitutional corporate US governments, and its statutory courts in the vast majority of his daily life, and to be forced to do otherwise is slavery. -I believe that most all US written law is constitutional, but most all of that same law is misapplied upon jurisdictions where it has no force and effect of law and the bar association has perfected a system of keeping the people from knowing its true application. Order my 5$ presentation 'Free Inhabitant One A', for the truth in limited jurisdiction of all US written law.
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7 Responses to City Prosecutors Retire When Challenged

  1. Gary says:

    My son was released last week from County jail following @ 3 months in for probation violation of not seeing probation officer timely. However, as soon as he was released out of the jail, the Feds nabbed him by way of DHS, and is now in awaiting arraignment in Fed. custody. His assigned attorney told us that under the circumstances he would normally NOT be there because his offenses seem very minor. No crime with the gun, etc. NOW, since my brother is bucking the system in court the past 3 months with IRS 56’s, and 3949’s; it seems to have incited the DA and Clerk of the Court (they were written against them) and perhaps there is retribution in that manor against any family members!? I don’t know what to do. What could you recommend here? Thanks.

  2. K. CAMPBELL says:

    I was being arrested for not signing a citation and fled the scene and am now being charged with assault on officer and resisting arrest, Saint Louis county arresting agency Moline Acres. Any advice? ? I did not assault the officer, news reported he was dragged. I was in fear for my safety and had my young daughter, age 3 with me. No criminal history.

  3. Nia says:

    4’11+” woman & friend (traffic) stopped, in a Wal-Mart parking lot, by Patrollers of a nearby City jurisdiction. I was told my brake light was out and my trunk was (unlatched) open. When asked for my information; I politely gave my first name. I calmly & immediately invoked my 5th Amendment rights (which infuriated him). Since he became so irate and intimidating, I invoked my Miranda Rights shortly thereafter. He stated I was under arrest since I wouldn’t get out of my car!! He said he could “Un-Arrest” me, if I’d get out and we could conduct our business” He called for 4-5 back up cars they used a “Slim Jim” to unlock my doors, pulled me out of my automobile, threw me to the ground while 2 of them handcuffed me, stood me up and “frisked” assaulted me with no female “officer” present… and charged ME with a felony Assault on a Police Officer!!! The dashcam video shows contrary. The Newspaper Article says, “Woman Beaten for Exercising Rights” I still have very limited use of my arm & shoulder after 7 months and haven’t moved my automobile since that traumatizing incident.

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