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The IRS CODE says that if the IRS wants to make a allegation that a tax is owed they must put it in writing, IF demanded by you, and then they must sign it. One “X” IRS agent said; “95% … Continue reading

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Declaration / Notice To All / Standing

I would make some changes to this if I were to do another, I really see little value of this document in most cases.  A free inhabitant gains nothing by filing “public notices” with the US system.  I consider this … Continue reading

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Registered Voter = Statutory ‘PERSON’

Anyone that is voting in today elections on any State or Federal issue is one who consented to be governed and has elected to walk away from the standing of “free inhabitant” as found in Article IV of the Articles … Continue reading

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State Sales Tax, (A DUTY or not?) Legal Brief is Available.

CAUTION-Never state that you do not have a sales tax duty, always keep the burden on them to prove your duty! Businesses where I do not pay STATE sales tax. Menards Walmart Lowes HomeDepo Napa Auto Parts To order my … Continue reading

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MSO, Demand

Demand for Return of ‘Manufacturing Statement of Origin’ for surrender of ‘Certificate of Title’ From-Mailing Location: paul john : family Hansen. nation nebraska. general-post office. 1124 pacific street omaha city. the land. non-domestic to the United States and it’s States. … Continue reading

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Right To Travel, MSO, Right v. Privilege

Those that live ON the land of the unincorporated ‘states united’ have a right to travel. Those that live (reside) IN the corporate US, corporate STATE OF NEBRASKA, corporate DOUGLAS COUNTY, corporate CITY OF OMAHA, do not have right to … Continue reading

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Right To Travel, California Case Win

Charles Sprinkler 1. 1273 Rice Road #48 Ojai CA 93023 In Pro Per  ((It is reported that Sprinkler has deceased, after traveling for 35 years with no plates or operators license in California, Google, and Youtube him you will … Continue reading

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